BoL at NTRPGCon 2017

Update: I’ve dropped the Saturday night BoL game in favor of running an improvised/emergent adventure with Troika! – more on that in another post.

I’ve got two one game of Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition, with a chunk of love from Honor + Intrigue) on the list for this year’s North Texas RPG Con, both set in my Clark Ashton Smith inspired, not-quite-Averoigne, medieval-ish, France-esque setting known as Plonesse:

  • The Parnassus Key (Friday 6/2, 6pm-11pm)
    The heist went bad. Very bad. And with a full moon shining brightly on the streets of Yllons, the best way to escape notice was to duck into the sewers. Unfortunately, the strange luminescent mist down here has disoriented you enough that you’re now lost beneath the city you call home. There’s bound to be a way out, though. But wait. What’s that sound coming from behind you? And in front of you? It’s a bad night for thieves in Yllons. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.

  • The Viridian Sybil (Saturday 6/3, 6pm-11pm)
    From her lichen-covered shrine deep within the Forest Malmogne, the Viridian Sybil revealed a prophecy: “Dark days approach! Plonesse is cursed anew! Vusseaux falls! Yllons overrun! Bathe in the waters! Speak the incantation! Ask of the skull!” Back in the village of L’Oenneu, a strange mound appears beside the well…

The links above will take you to page here at Strange Stones where I will (eventually) post the pregens that will be used as well as any other relevant info. More of that stuff soon!

In the meantime, here’s the one paragraph summary of Plonesse:

Plonesse is a hilly and densely-wooded region within Galiana, an analogue of medieval France. Vusseaux and Yllons are its two major cities. A road runs between them, traditionally watched over by the monks of the Abbey of St. Giles the Green. Numerous small villages dot the landscape. The River Voemonde – joined by the River L’Ud; just south of the Abbey – roughly parallels the road of St. Giles. And all around lies the Forest Malmogne, dark with sinister mystery.

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8 thoughts on “BoL at NTRPGCon 2017

  1. G-Man

    This takes me right back to the 8th grade, playing Castle Amber with that wonderful map of Averoigne. You can’t go wrong with CAS and medieval France. Issue 3 of Worlds of Cthulhu had a BRP version of the setting, as I recall.

    These look like wonderful adventures. Escaping from a heist gone wrong through city sewers seems especially brilliant. Can’t wait to see those pregens!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I’ll have to hunt down that WoC issue. I’ve never seen it before. Glad you’re digging the concepts, amigo. The pregens will be a little while yet, but I’ll make sure to get ’em up for your enjoyment!

      Speaking of the Con, any chance you’ll be able to attend this year?

      1. G-Man

        Unfortunately, timing and the Elliott travel budget allows for one destination this year: Cincinatti. And it isn’t for anything fun, either.

        That said, I want a full recap of your con experiences, up to and including the bar tab!

        BTW, said issue of WoC has a quote from a CAS-inspired Averoigne story I wrote about an ogre named Chantillion. Somehow it got included in the canon. You can read it here:

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          Bummer! One of these days, man. One of these days.

          I’ll do my best to provide a writeup when all is said and done. And with any luck (which is to say, self control) the bar tab won’t be as insane as last year’s. I’m not sure my liver can take another one like that!

          Wow! You’re in the CAS canon? That’s amazing, man!

          1. G-Man

            Not officially, mind. But my story is mentioned in the Wikipedia article for Averoigne, so I’ve got that, along with Total Consciousness on my deathbed, going for me. Which is nice.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Glad you dig the sound of ’em, amigo! It’s gonna be a little bit before more info appears, but I look forward to your feedback when it does. Cheers!

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