BRP Characters: The Brothers Queng

Wherein your humble scribe presents a pair of NPCs for use with The Celestial Empire, the Basic RolePlaying game of life in Imperial China.

Doctor Queng Jian travels throughout Ming Dynasty China helping the people of the land with his exceptional medical skills. Jian has chosen to follow this nomadic life rather than accept an appointment as the Court Physician of a petty noble in Gansu Province, whose daughter Jian secretly loves but may never marry. On occasion, Queng Jian’s abilities draw the attention of a local magistrate who calls upon the doctor to assist in an investigation.

Jian is perpetually accompanied by his (much) less accomplished younger brother Yo, who, though a skilled storyteller, has little to show for his 22 years in the Middle Kingdom. The hulking Yo does do a fair job as a bodyguard for his brother – even if just by looking imposing to the vast majority of people the pair encounter.

Unfortunately for the Brothers Queng, a pair of outlaws knows as Flower Neck Bachelor and Earthquake Lo are actively traveling through the Celestial Empire disguised as Queng Jian and Queng Yo. Though the outlaws have yet to perpetrate anything outrageous enough to cause the Quengs serious legal trouble, their crimes have been escalating and it is only a matter of time before they cross a line that cannot be uncrossed. Unless, that is, the Brothers Queng can catch up with them and bring them to justice.

Queng Jian

Slight of build and quick of mind and hand, Queng Jian is the consummate physician. His bedside manner is impeccable and he shows the utmost respect for his patients and their needs. Jian is a serious and sober man, with a hint of melancholy about him. Jian seeks to do as much good as he can while ever attempting to expand his understanding of the scholarly arts.

Queng Jian
STR 12 CON 11 SIZ 10 INT 17 POW 16 DEX 17 APP 12 EDU 18
Hit Points 11 Major Wound 6 Qi Points 16 Age 29

Buddhism 2, Chinese Folk Religion 2, Confucianism 20, Daoism 0,
Esoteric Buddhism 0, Judaism 1, Islam 0

Home Region: Lower Yangzi
Profession: Traveling Doctor

Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: Fist/Foot/Head 51%, damage 1d3
Armor: none
Skills: Healing Lore 90%, Medicine 90%, Science: Natural History 63%, Drive: Cart 45%, Research 75%, K: History 75%, Science: Alchemy 55%, K: Northern China 65%, Meditation 70%, Insight 65%, Etiquette 65%, Appraise 50%, Bargain 55%, L: Mandarin 124%, Sense 40%, Spot 55%, Brawling 51%, Martial Arts: Brawling 28%, Gaming 50%, Dodge 50%, Persuade 40%, Navigate 25%, Listen 40%, Grapple 40%, Art: Calligraphy 30%, Perform: Singing 30%, Ride: Horse 20%, K: Art History 25%, K: Folklore 20%, K: Literature 45%, K: Streetwise 24%, Literacy: Chinese 51%, L: Cantonese 24%, Status 40%

Queng Yo

The opposite of his brother in every outward aspect, the boisterous Queng Yo is practically a giant among men in China. Ever since he was young, Yo has delighted in the telling of tales and he has now managed to turn his affection for the common stories into a profession capable of providing a passable income. A talented performer, Yo lacks the serious storyteller’s attention to detail and often improvises his way through the portions of narratives that he dislikes or doesn’t remember.

Queng Yo
STR 12 CON 15 SIZ 15 INT 13 POW 11 DEX 10 APP 16 EDU 15
Hit Points 15 Major Wound 8 Qi Points 11 Age 22

Buddhism 0, Chinese Folk Religion 20, Confucianism 0, Daoism 1,
Esoteric Buddhism 0, Judaism 0, Islam 0

Home Region: Lower Yangzi
Profession: Storyteller

Damage Bonus: +1d4
Weapons: Fist/Foot/Head 50%, damage 1d3 +1d4
Armor: none
Skills: Persuade 70%, K: Folklore 55%, K: Chinese Folk Religion 50%, Perform: Recite 90%, Art: Calligraphy 10%, Disguise 25%, Fine Manipulation 25%, Insight 70%, K: Literature 60%, Listen 50%, Perform: Sing 55%, Bargain 55%, Brawling 50%, Grapple 30%, Dodge 45%, Gaming 35%, Healing Lore 20%, L: Mandarin 103%, Literacy: Chinese 35%, Martial Arts: Brawling 30%, Stealth 25%, Sleight of Hand 25%, Etiquette 35%, Appraise 42%, Fast Talk 33%, L: Cantonese 30%, Sense 37%, Status 35%

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0 thoughts on “BRP Characters: The Brothers Queng

  1. the venomous pao Post author

    Just a quick note, since there was some discussion out there on the geek blogs a while back (I don’t remember where) that BRP games have (my words) “unsettlingly large” stat blocks. Though I don’t deny this can be true – especially if hit locations are being used – it doesn’t have to be and I don’t want the above NPCs to propagate that conception. These guys were designed as full-on Player Characters, not as NPCs of minor import. If they were originally intended to be NPCs proper, for my own needs they’d look a bit more like this:

    Queng Jian
    Dex 17 Int 17 Edu 18 HP 11
    Travelling Doctor 90%, Confucian Gentleman 75%
    Brawl/Martial Arts 50%/30% (1d3)

    Queng Yo
    Dex 11 Siz 15 HP 15
    Storyteller 80%, Roustabout 45%
    Brawl/Martial Arts 50%/30% (1d3+1d4)

    And that’s about it. So don’t be intimidated by BRP’s size. It’s the motion on the ocean that matters 🙂

      1. the venomous pao Post author

        Thanks! But unfortunately, I only get 55% credit on this. Earthquake Lo is all mine, but “Flower Neck” and “Bachelor” are from the A and B columns for “colorful names” in Celestial Empire. So I gave myself 5% for selecting and combining them 🙂