BotA Character: Jong-Kyu, The Jade Horseman

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for Narakam, his Barbarians of the Aftermath setting.

Riding south from the shining city of Bu – the last bastion of science and technology in the outer realms – comes Jong-Kyu, the Jade Horseman. A powerful warrior with the heart of a poet and the calculating mind of a scientist, Jong-Kyu seeks to uncover the true, scientific history of Narakam. The Jade Horseman fears no creature of the wastes nor any science or magic possessed by the Varna or the Deva. This bold adventurer’s thirst for knowledge will bring him to the Gates of Wisdom and the Doors of Understanding, and though those temples be guarded by powers unguessed, Jong-Kyu will conquer them or die trying.

Jong-Kyu / Lifeblood 12 / Hero Points 5
Genotype: Pariah (Wastelander Human)
Attributes: Strength 2 Agility 1 Mind 2 Appeal 0
Combat Abilities: Brawl 0 Melee 2 Ranged 1 Defense 1
Careers: Barbarian 1, Beast Rider 1, Scientist 1, Poet 1
Boons: The Strong Survive, Slasher
Flaws: Honorable
Languages: Pariah, Varna
Equipment: Light Pistol (d6), Sword (d6+2), Very Light Armor (d3-1)

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0 thoughts on “BotA Character: Jong-Kyu, The Jade Horseman

  1. G-Man

    I don’t think I’ve seen much (if any) post-apocalypse with an Asian flavor before. Very original. Usually it’s all about poking through the ruins of Pitzburke or New Yorque.

    I assume ‘Slasher’ means bonus die for bladed weapons? I ‘ve always liked the Wastelander BotA archetype best.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Glad you like this one, G-Man. With the Narakam setting I just kinda had a vision and ran with it. I hope someday to be able to actually run the setting, but Post Apoc is fairly low on my group’s list of preferred flavors these days.

      Yep, I made up “Slasher” as the equivalent to the “Basher” boon listed under the Wastelander genotype. I just didn’t see this guy with a mace or club. A “kuyryan” horseman really ought to have a sword, don’tcha know?

      1. the venomous pao Post author

        Oh, and I should add that Narakam is really only about half post apoc. It’s actually somewhat more of a planetary romance kind of setting with the apocalypse in the background as a way of getting Earth to where I wanted it to be. Sure, there are some mutants and such, but it’s definitely not Gamma World in spirit.