BoL Character: Zoru Dhalim (Etienne Toreaux)

Wherein your humble scribe presents the third of several Barbarians of Lemuria characters he put together as examples for the players he ran through a couple of adventures in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuria setting. One more will follow.

Born into the noble house of Toureaux in Roudenelle, Etienne spent his youth studying the Laws of Commerce and dreaming of far off lands that could be exploited, er, tapped, as new sources of spices, gems and ores. When his family was slaughtered and his house raised by the conquering army of Krug Jas, Etienne narrowly escaped with his life thanks to the efforts of a loyal family retainer. Etienne, who took the Zaaric name Zoru Dhalim in order to hide from the conquerer’s army, retreated to the farmlands outside of Roudenelle where he lived as a peasant farmer and began to study the healing arts. When the soldiers of Krug Jas came again and destroyed the farm on which he lived, motivated by nothing more than malice, Zoru vowed that he would become wealthy enough to employ an army of assassins to put an end to Krug Jas once and for all. Though he has not realized this dream yet, his quick mind and years of study have helped Zoru become a very wealthy merchant in a short time.

Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 1

Strength 0
Agility 1
Mind 2
Appeal 1

Brawl 0
Melee 1
Ranged 1
Defense 2

Noble 1
Farmer 0
Healer 0
Merchant 3

Great Wealth


Native (Literate)
Zaaric (Literate)

Mace (1d6)
Sling (1d3)
Medium Armor (1d6-1)

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0 thoughts on “BoL Character: Zoru Dhalim (Etienne Toreaux)

  1. bat

    As BoL slowly takes over my mind I really appreciate your BoL posts, all of them.

    This character in particular reminds me of someone that could walk out of most any Clark Ashton Smith story.