The Strange Stones Soundtrack

Have you ever wondered what a website sounds like? No? Well, now you don’t ever have to, thanks to the magic of codeorgan.

This is what Strange Stones sounds like.

Other sites sound different. Here are just a few of the other OSR blogs:

I’ve run out of time to play, but I plan on checking out the tunes from a whole passel of our geek brethren’s sites. Maybe we can put together an album and tour the world?

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0 thoughts on “The Strange Stones Soundtrack

    1. the venomous pao

      I prefer not to believe that the music produced by this algorithm is indicative of the site that serves as the basis for the output 🙂

      Also, glad you like the BoL characters! It’s just such a wonderful game for building sword & sorcery type characters. I wish the folks I played with were a little more open to its lower levels of crunch. Alas.

      Still, it’s great fun to monkey around with.

  1. bat

    The BoL characters are nice. I will post a monster for my proposed weekly challenge this weekend on the forum and see who else picks up the gauntlet.

    I have Barbarians of the Aftermath on pre-order and I hope to convert my group (at least partially) to a BoL/BotA/Planet Algol game. I cannot, and don’t want to, drop Labyrinth Lord, but I fear that Pathfinder is falling by the wayside in favor of lighter rules.

    1. the venomous pao

      I look forward to seeing your monster, my man. I’ve got a concept that I’ll try to get written up to throw into the pit as well.

      I haven’t pre-ordered BotA myself, but it’s strictly a money/timing thing. It’s definitely on the list. The PDF is outstanding, so I can only imagine that the physical item will be damned fine indeed.

  2. bat

    Oh, I couldn’t wait and bought the pdf today, it is nice. My only complaint about the system is that if you buy the print version you get to pay full price for the pdf too, which is a little annoying. I prefer print & pdf bundles to a bundle with pdfs I am not looking for. Precis Intermedia really shine in that category.

    1. the venomous pao

      I hear you there, amigo. A bundle like that for BoL and BotA (and the subsequent releases, of course) would be a lovely thing indeed. Alas, I think that the roots of the game in Simon’s one-man shop, combined with the strange evolution of it to distribution by Cubicle 7, makes such things unlikely. But it’s worth a dream or two!

      I’ve always found PIG interesting, partly for the very reason we’re talking about. I’m also a fan of their Disposable Heroes line. But that’s probably because my favorite minis of all time were the original SJ Games Cardboard Heroes. I’m not big on the “personal retrospective” type of blog post, but I may just have to do one about those eventually.