BoL Character: Doran FitzCael

Wherein your humble scribe presents yet another Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together as an NPC for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuria setting. More will follow at highly irregular intervals.

From the misty, moody island of Kel comes Doran FitzCael, hard of liver and weak of eye. This big brawler lives to fight, and is more than happy to join up with any band that’s out to bust heads and bring home a few coins for a fresh pint. Though he’s not the sharpest, Doran stands by his friends in a pinch and is truly the sort you’d rather have with you than against you. Despite his fancy last name, Doran has no idea who his father was, nor does he have a drop of royal blood in his veins. Like many of his countrymen, Doran knows his fair share of drinking songs. He’s even actually a very good singer – a tenor in a bass’ body.

Lifeblood 15
Hero Points 5

Strength 3
Agility 1 (0)
Mind -1
Appeal 1

Brawl 2
Melee 2
Ranged -1
Defense 1

Bard 1
Mercenary 2
Thief 1
Worker 0

Hard to Kill

Poor Eyesight

Kellic, Common (non-literate)

Fist d2+3
Longsword, d6+3
Medium armor & Shield (d6)

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0 thoughts on “BoL Character: Doran FitzCael

  1. Goblinkin

    In Sartarla’s fair city, where the girls are all pretty – I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Maluu!
    I like your Irish-themed pc for BoL. Not enough Irishmen in Sword and Sorcery, I say
    Keep up the good work mate.

    1. the venomous pao

      And I like your drinking song, amigo! And I agree about the missing Irish (being of roughly half Irish extraction myself). Glad, as always, that you enjoyed my little exercise in geekery 🙂

      And just let me say again that I absolutely loved the BoL backstory generator you did on your blog. Very in genre – I just hope to get to try it out at some point. I’m feeling a need to push my players in the BoL direction again…