A Dangerous Foe: The Wolfmage

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Barbarians of Lemuria villain he put together on a whim, for use in his own (highly-derivative) Kaalmuria setting.

Modolfr Hrossbjorn, now called The Wolfmage, stands alone amongst his people, as one of the very few Geirbjornhalers to excel at the arcane arts. He lives alone in an abandoned mountain hall, where he communes with the dark forces that give him his power. But it was not always thus…

A lifetime ago Hrossbjorn was a simple barbarian from the north who went to the civilized lands to make his fortune. Along the way he and his companions fell afoul of an amoral necromancer whose name is lost to time, though not to the Wolfmage’s memory. As a slave to this wizard, Hrossbjorn watched as his companions died one by one, only to have their bodies and souls violated by the dark arts practiced by the sorcerer.

One day Hrossbjorn decided he could not stand this fate any further and rose up against the necromancer. Strangely, the spells flung at Hrossbjorn failed to affect him, and his mighty thews quickly dispatched the old wizard. And though his animal wildness won, Hrossbjorn was never able to forget the power displayed by the magician. Ever after Modolfr Hrossbjorn sought as much magical power as he could find, and soon became known as The Wolfmage.

Lifeblood 13
Arcane Power 14
Villain Points 3

Strength 3
Agility 2
Mind 4
Appeal -1

Brawl 1
Melee 3
Ranged 1
Defense 3

Sorcerer 4
Barbarian 2
Slave 0
Scholar 2

Fearsome Looks
Keen Scent
Magic Resistence

Missing Eye (Right)
Feels the Cold

Geiric, Lirian, Thaxian, Sorceric

Axe, d6+3
Very Light Armor (Furs) d3-1

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0 thoughts on “A Dangerous Foe: The Wolfmage

  1. Goblinkin

    I likes! I’ve blended something similar for a big bad of mine own- half wild crazy, half scheming Mage.
    And I’ll get those pix up on my blog

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Cool. Glad you like it, amigo. And I believe this is where I say “Great minds think alike.” 🙂

      Can’t wait to see the pics!

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