The Sword – Tres Brujas

So I was using Tumblr for this kind of thing, but since I’ve ramped up my own domain for this blog I should probably not be splitting my meager traffic any further than necessary (at least that’s what the little trained marketing weasel in my head tells me) so listen up! It’s time to put on your psychedelic metal headphones and enjoy the first single from the new album Warp Riders, (which drops tomorrow) by Austin’s own The Sword. Crank it up for Tres Brujas:

The Sword is playing a live CD-release party tonight in the parking lot of Waterloo Records, our largest and most badass independent record store. I aims to be there, getting my rock on.

The Sword is good old school gaming metal. Check out their other two albums available at emusic and itunes, if you have any trouble finding them at your local record shop. But you should always opt to support your local record shop if you can.

Lastly, The Sword will be touring like crazy starting in September (first opening for Metallica in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan and then doing their own tour) so check out their official page and catch ’em live when they pass through your neck of the woods.

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0 thoughts on “The Sword – Tres Brujas

  1. the venomous pao Post author

    For the record, this event, you should forgive the pun, rocked. If you like your metal loud and hard, you really should check out The Sword. The entire new album can be streamed from their MySpace page, so you don’t even have to lay out your hard-earned cash to see if you like ’em.

    Ok, cultural expansion time is over. Back to the gaming stuff. I promise!