WNMHGB Character: Lieutenant Hamaré Negasi-D’Abo

Wherein your humble scribe knocks out a lifepath generator-produced character for the Trek-themed, Microlite20-powered, Where No Man Has Gone Before. Because he’s geeked out about seeing the next Star Trek film this coming weekend, that’s why.

Hamaré Negasi-D’Abo was born on the frontier world of Balthaz II, in the midst of her mother’s research to devise a cure for the Garrosh Fever, which was plaguing a number of Federation worlds at the time. Before Hamaré was two her mother had returned to Earth where she continued her scientific pursuits in relative safety while Hamaré’s father, Negasi Haile-Mariam, served in the Ethiopian parliament. Hamaré’s childhood was typical and she had many friends while growing up.

Her early Starfleet career was almost singularly without incident, with her time at the Academy and her first tour of duty – spent stuck behind a desk pushing papers – yielding nothing of the sort of adventure often associated with the active and exciting life she expected when she enlisted.

Just as Hamaré was finishing her second tour and thinking of leaving Starfleet to pursue a career in private research, she was involved in the Tre’gok Klasq incident of 2329. It was Hamaré’s keen instincts and insight into behavior patterns that helped to uncover the Klingon spy, thus preventing numerous civilian deaths.

Upon her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade Hamaré was assigned to the Constitution Class USS Constellation, serving under Captain Esai Hernandez. In her first tour aboard the Constellation the ship found a mysterious alien device orbiting Dannav III. Once again, her quick thinking, empathy, and communications skills proved critical to saving the day and preventing the destruction of the ship.

Her second tour aboard the Constellation was highlighted by an assault on the ship perpetrated by Klingons. Hamaré was key to the successful handling of this incident and her commanding officer, the Vulcan T’Madh, realized at this time that her young protegé was capable of greater things than merely serving as a sensor monitor and data analyst. It was T’Madh who recommended Hamaré for her new postion, aboard the Miranda Class USS Rio Grande. T’Madh maintains active contact with Hamaré and serves as something of a mentor to the newly-minted Lieutenant.

Lt. Hamaré Negasi-D’Abo / Human / Blue Shirt (Science) 6
XP 0 HP 34 AC 14 AP 3
STR 11 (+0) DEX 12 (+1) INT 16 (+3) CHA 14 (+2)
Skills: Communication (T) +9, Engineering +4, Knowledge (T) +9, Medicine +4, Physical +4, Subterfuge +4
Talents: Behavioral Analysis, Trained Skill (Communication), Empathy, Exploit Weakness, Plan
Melee Attack Bonus: +6; Ranged Attack Bonus: +7

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