BoL Bestiary: Vaarloi Death Worms

Vaarloi Death Worms are 5′ long with smooth blood-red skin covering their thick bodies. Though they are often found in deserts, these creatures avoid the heat of the day and are only active at dawn and dusk, unless skies are overcast.

Vaarloi Death Worms attack by discharging static electricity from their bodies. They begin combat by “spitting” their full charge (to a range of 30′) at foes as they are approached. After this large discharge, the worms are left with only small electrical “bites” until they have had a significant amount of time to recharge (typically longer than any given encounter).

Vaarloi Death Worms occasionally bleed off excess electrical charge with a crackling burst that creates a small cloud of ozone in their vicinity, which smells like an approaching rain storm. This aroma may be the source of the ancient warning against traveling through the desert when rain is likely.

Strength 1
Agility 2
Mind -3

Combat Abilities
Attack with electrical “bite” +2; damage 1d3
Attack with electrical “spit” +0; damage 2d6 (once per encounter)
Defense: 2
Protection: 1d2-1/1d6-1 vs blunt weapons (rubbery skin & body)
Lifeblood: 5

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0 thoughts on “BoL Bestiary: Vaarloi Death Worms

  1. bat

    Very nice creature! Snagged!
    Sorry for not replying sooner, as you can tell, the OSR had a weird weekend.

    1. the venomous pao

      Right on. Enjoy ’em. My players hated them to death when they ran into them.

      I’m also working on a writeup of a particularly iconic D&D hybrid monster (hoot! hoot!) that I’ll be posting to your monster challenge in the BoL forum soon.

      Yeah, the OSR stuff seemed crazy. I was, fortunately, out of touch thanks to SXSW madness in Austin. It’s unfortunate that things got as weird as they did. Ah, dealing with people. 🙂