Barbarians Of Lemuria GM Screen

Here’s a quick & dirty Barbarians of Lemuria GM screen I put together a while back. It’s also available at the BoL Yahoo group, but since the BoL Forum has kind of taken over and no one really goes to the group anymore, I thought I’d post it here.


  • This was put together prior to the Legendary Edition, so it still has the old armor approach (i.e., fixed values for specific pieces of armor).
  • I can’t remember if there were any additions to ways to spend Hero Points in the LE or not, but if there were they’re not included in the summary of spending Hero Points.
  • I had house ruled in initiative rolls prior to the release of the LE, and that’s reflected on the screen. The good news is that my house rule matches the change that was implemented in the LE, so this fits with the new rules just fine.
  • Again, since this predates the LE version of the rules, there are no references to the “new” Priest/Druid magic approach.

Also, all the art is from, so I take no credit or blame for the art itself. If you need to praise or rail against the art, I’m only culpable for the choices made in which art to use. 🙂


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