Two Lesser Artifacts (For Jeff Rients)

Jeff Rients put out a call for some lesser artifacts in the AD&D/OD&D style towards the end of last week. I’m a little late to the party, but the following are my two contributions.

Vikram’s Shield

by The Venomous Pao

Forged by the mad gods of the eastern sea, and once wielded by the legendary hero Vikram, this large verdigrised copper shield shield bears a raised scallop shell device of pure alabaster. The shield was lost when Vikram was slain while attempting to defend the Imperial Armada from a bale of enslaved Dragon Turtles.

In addition to the unique powers listed below, this item functions as a +1 shield, +2 against attacks by aquatic creatures. Three times per day, when the command word is spoken, the shield radiates a shimmering blue light that illuminates as a torch. This illumination lasts for 1d4 hours each time it is used.

3 x I _____ _____ _____
1 x III _____

The Clockwork Bird Of Muzza’im

by The Venomous Pao

Created by the powerful artificer-mage Muzza’im in the time before the Dukes’ War, this odd mechanical device has the shape and size of a Sumichrast’s Wren. The clockwork bird is wound with one of two keys – a silver key found beneath the item’s left wing and a gold key found beneath its right wing.

When wound with the silver key, the Clockwork Bird of Muzza’im sings a beautiful melody that calms listeners, bringing a temporary break to hostilities (1d6 rounds) during which negotiation may be possible.

When the bird is wound with the gold key, one of the following effects (determined at random by rolling 1d4) is triggered. The bird sings a different melody for each of these effects.

2 x I _____ _____
1 x II _____
1 x IV _____

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0 thoughts on “Two Lesser Artifacts (For Jeff Rients)

  1. the venomous pao Post author

    Glad to contribute, Jeff! And again, let me say that your idea to gather a bunch of these lesser artifacts is a damn fine one, amigo!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Why thank you, Telecanter! I was hoping some kind of illustration would find its way to the Clockwork Bird, but I myself am no artist. So thanks for sharing, amigo!