BoL Character: Grigas Son Of Zoryn

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Barbarians of Lemuria system character inspired by the “rebirth” of Mythic Russia.

A stubborn, argumentative, and altogether unattractive Zemaitijan from the west of Lithuania, Grigas Son Of Zoryn has left his home in the deep woods and traveled to the east to try to find his father, who was, his mother tells him, a dashing Cossak with a smile that would cause fish to jump into his net. The legendary Zoryn, she has said, has the number three as a birthmark on his left cheek, does not leave tracks in the snow, and is as tall as wheat can grow in a good season. Sadly, few people who hear this description of the legendary Zoryn believe that one such as Grigas could truly spring from such loins.

Could it be that Grigas is an ugly duckling just waiting to unlock the secrets of his lineage? Or is it more likely that his mother has her own secrets she does not wish to share? One thing is certain, the boy has a gift for magic that even he doesn’t know about just yet.

Lifeblood 13
Hero Points 5
Arcane Power 12

Strength 3
Agility 1
Mind 1
Appeal -1

Brawl 1
Melee 2
Ranged 0
Defense 1

Soldier 1
Farmer 3
Healer 0
Sorcerer 0

War Cry
Swamp Tracker
Power Of The Void

Country Bumpkin

Lithuanian, Russian

Saber 1d6 (+3)
Dagger 1d3 (+3)
Medium armor (mail shirt) & Shield, 1d6

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