The Sunken Temple Of Arn

In honor of the late Dave Arneson, who left us one year ago today, I present my (non-winning) entry in last year’s One Page Dungeon Contest. I was gunning for the “old school” category and took my inspiration almost 100% from Supplement II: Blackmoor.

So in case you missed it (and you know you did) here’s your chance to visit .

Here’s the entirety of the background, as a teaser:

In ancient days the monastic assassins known as the Sons of Arn built a great temple to their strange god on an island off the southern coast.

For many years they managed a troubled coexistence with the other religions. But when they dared to strike down the high priest of the sea god, their island temple was cast beneath the waves forever in an act of divine retribution.

Their knowledge lost and their religion destroyed, the Sons of Arn vanished from the world, leaving only half-remembered whispers in their stead. But now rumors abound of a shipwreck whose lone survivor escaped from a Sahuagin band that makes its home in a submerged ruin eerily reminiscent of the legendary Sunken Temple of Arn.

As a One Page Dungeon, The Sunken Temple Of Arn lacks game stats, but should be useable with pretty much any system you want. I specifically had OD&D in mind when I wrote it (obviously), but Swords & Wizardry (Core or WhiteBox) or Labyrinth Lord should work fine. Of course, so would Barbarians of Lemuria, Basic RolePlaying, OSRIC, or any other system that tickles your fancy.

One quick note for those who might not be familiar with a couple of the monster names: per Blackmoor (and some later books):

  • Koalinth are aquatic hobgoblins
  • Kopoacinth are aquatic gargoyles
  • Lacedon are aquatic ghouls

Most people who happen across this post probably know that stuff already. But hey, it never hurts to pass along a bit of (slightly) lost wisdom, eh?

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0 thoughts on “The Sunken Temple Of Arn

  1. ty

    Very nice. I’m especially amused by:
    Latrine: This room was once the latrine for the temple. A pile of triangular gold coins can be found at the bottom of the latrine trough.

    Extra ex points to the poor bugger who actually crawls into the crapper to find the gold coins I think

    1. the venomous pao

      Glad you like it, Ty! I had fun putting it together, especially the part you’ve called out. It just felt, I don’t know, appropriate somehow 🙂

      Also, nice blog you’ve got going! I love to see BoL getting some action.

  2. Lord Kilgore

    Wow! I hadn’t realized that YOU wrote this one.

    I’ve actually placed the Sunken Temple of Arn into my Forbidden Jungle setting, FWIW. One native tribe knows that there used to be an island in the (mile-wide) river that sank a couple of generations ago. And boats anchoring along the bank in the hex where it is may encounter lacedons.

    Don’t know when/if anyone will find it an venture in, but it’s down there.