The Company Of St. Moldvay

Wherein your humble scribe presents a randomly rolled party for the freshly released PDF of Moldvay Basic D&D. They were all created with 3d6 for stats, more often than not in order. And, just because I’m loathe to give it up, they all have some snappy headgear. Will any of these brave adventurers survive their expedition In Search of the Unknown?

Brother Valdoric / Cleric 1 L
Headgear: Bishop’s Mitre
STR 14 INT 9 WIS 16 DEX 15 CON 12 CHR 10
HP 6 AC 3 Gold 20
Chain Mail, Shield, Mace, Holy Symbol
Cleric Spells: None

Skarl Stoneaxe / Dwarf 1 L
Headgear: Forest Green Bedouin Wrap
STR 18 INT 9 WIS 10 DEX 6 CON 10 CHR 7
HP 8 AC 5 Gold 16
Chain Mail, Shield, Hand Axe

Ikaria The Brash/ Elf 1 N
Headgear: Open-faced Plain Helm
STR 16 INT 13 WIS 7 DEX 16 CON 14 CHR 3
HP 7 AC 2 Gold 12
Chain Mail, Shield, Sword, Dagger, Long Bow, 20 Arrows
Elf Spells: Charm Person

Rolf Orlsson / Fighter 1 C
Headgear: Classic Viking-Style Helm
STR 15 INT 6 WIS 13 DEX 10 CON 13 CHR 14
HP 9 AC 2 Gold 17
Plate Mail, Shield, Sword, Dagger, Crossbow, 30 Quarrels

Dinty Dalgimmins / Halfling 1 N
Headgear: Bare, Showing His Mohawk
STR 11 INT 14 WIS 12 DEX 16 CON 11 CHR 12
HP 6 AC 5 Gold 10
Leather Armor, Short Sword, Dagger, Short Bow, 20 Arrows

Sareetha The Medium / Magic-User 1 N
Headgear: Bare, Showing Her Short, Stylish Haircut
STR 8 INT 16 WIS 9 DEX 9 CON 5 CHR 13
HP 2 AC 9 Gold 30
2 Silver Daggers
Magic-User Spells: Floating Disk

Gentleman Pete / Thief 1 C
Headgear: Fancy Top Hat
STR 8 INT 12 WIS 8 DEX 17 CON 14 CHR 12
HP 5 AC 5 Gold 29
Leather Armor, Sword, 2 Daggers, Silver Dagger, Short Bow, 20 Arrows, 2 Silver Arrows, Thieves’ Tools

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4 thoughts on “The Company Of St. Moldvay

  1. infocyde

    My the troop come back in one piece with their pockets stuffed with precious gold and gems. Keep Sareetha to the rear.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      With a little luck, and a lot of caginess, they stand a chance, Infocyde. Perhaps a slim one for some (Sareetha’s sickly childhood hasn’t left her in the best shape for adventuring, as you’ve noticed), but at least a few seem like they might live to tell the tale of their adventures in Quasqueton.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I agree about having both, Narmer. It’s nice to have something you can reference without having to dig out a book (or, say, at the office). But then again, real books remain a delight.

      Grab it and be a happy dude!

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