The Barbarians of Heavy Metal Kickstarter Is Live

The Kickstarter for Barbarians of Heavy Metal is live. You know BoHM, right? It’s by Nathaniel, who also brought us Barbarians of the Aftermath. His design diaries are hosted right here at Strange Stones, too.

Anyway, here’s the basic pitch from the BoHM Kickstarter:

Barbarians of Heavy Metal (BoHM) is a Table-Top Roleplaying game set in the post-apocalyptic 31st century where sonic technology and centuries of warfare have created the Metalsphere: a series of interstellar feudal empires based around the veneration of the Rocktagon: the Eight Great Schools of Rock.

Players take on the role of Metalheads, knights of the 31st century who roam the Metalsphere in pursuit of fame and glory. They are sonic warrior-wizards who possess rare and powerful Superstring Manipulators, sonic weaponry in the shape of musical instruments that can vibrate the underlying structure of the universe, bending it to the whim of the virtuoso musician.

The most elite Metalheads are granted the privilege of ‘Riding the Heavy Metal’: Titans! These giant robot combat vehicles tower over the battlefield and possess the power of an entire tank battalion. The nobility of headbanger society, those who possess these massive behemoths are, by definition, more metal than everyone else: the rock stars idolized by a society of rock stars.

BoHM is a conversion of the very popular BoX system found in Barbarians of Lemuria by Simon Washbourne. It is a simple game with a lot of variety in character and adventure types. You can be a wandering Sonic Warrior, a Titan Rider, a Soldier, Groupie (31st century courtesans), Manager (the officers of the 31st century), Space Cowboy, Warp Rider, Inquisitor or any mix of 28 different careers. Add to that 8 attributes, eight different Schools of Rock and a wide variety of musical instruments to specialize in and equipment to outfit yourself with, and you open up a universe of possibilities.

So if you’re ready to rock, why not drop by the Barbarians of Heavy Metal Kickstarter page and do that thing you do when you do the Kickstarter thing?

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