Echo Chamber Newsflash: Heroes of Hellas Now Available

Heroes of Hellas coverJust in case you haven’t heard it elsewhere, this seems like a good time to note that Heroes of Hellas, the Barbarians of Lemuria “ancient Greece” supplement, is now available.

I haven’t picked this up yet, so I can’t tell you anything about it. But if you’re itching to do some crazy Jason & the Argonauts stuff using BoL, I presume this will be worth your time and money to download. If I get around to checking it out I’ll be sure to let everyone know what I think. Meanwhile, I’m headed back to melting in the 103ºF heat here in fabulous Austin.

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3 thoughts on “Echo Chamber Newsflash: Heroes of Hellas Now Available

  1. Gregarious Monk

    Thanks for the heads up, Pao. It looks really cool (outstanding art) and the Greek mythology angle is something I’ve been dying to run sometime. Any idea if they’re doing a print version? I couldn’t find much about it outside of the OneShelf sites.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I got nothin’, Mr. Monk. Everything I know about this you now know, too 🙂

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