Narakam: The World After

Using Barbarians of the Aftermath I rolled up an alien invasion that I worked into the following:

In 2014 a limited nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan results in the destruction of a sacred Hindu temple that was actually a beacon sending out an “All’s Well” signal to the stars.

While the rest of the nuclear-armed countries decided “Hey, the missiles have started flying, we don’t want to pass up a chance to lob a few ourselves” a group of aliens, who bore a distinct similarity to certain Hindu deities*, dropped in to see why their signal had been cut. All hell then proceeded to break loose as the non-Hindu portions of the world interpreted their arrival as an invasion and went to absurd lengths to drive them off.

The aliens, allied with India and other Hindu cultures, fought back. Between their advanced technologies and the destructive power of a “cornered” Earth, pretty much everything was messed up beyond belief.

Now, 800 or so years later, you have a small pulp science portion of the world that is loyal to the aliens (known as the Deva) and the rest of the world in proper Thundarr-style ruin. The Deva have used their super science to uplift a number of monkeys, elephants and birds (BotA Awakened Animals – called the Hanumani, Ganeshani, and Garudani) to help support their “chosen people” – called the Varna (BotA “standard” Humans).

At the same time (whether due to normal radiation or some effect of the Devas is unclear) a small group of humans have evolved into the Buddhas (BotA Adonai), who do their best to live apart from both the control of the Devas and the strife found in The Wilds. Speaking of the Wilds, that region (which is actually much of the Earth) is populated by the Pariah (BotA Wastelander Humans as well as Mutants, no distinction is made in the eyes of the Varna).

Also, at some point, an offshoot of the relatively benevolent Devas showed up (the Varna call them Rakshasas). They, too, have done a little animal awakening themselves (particularly snakes, called the Nagas) and are generally the antagonists of the setting.

The setting, as a whole, is named Narakam, which is the Sanskrit word for “Hell.”

I hope to do something with this, someday. But even if I don’t, it was big fun to create. I love the BYO Apocalypse tables in BotA.

* Just to be clear, no offense or disrespect is meant towards Hinduism by this. I’m just drawing on the old “Ancient Astronauts” concept and running with it in the name of post-apocalyptic adventure.

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