Kaalmuria – An Entirely Derivative Setting For BoL

Wherein your humble scribe presents a very off-the-cuff Howardian setting devised for use with Barbarians of Lemuria.

The goal was to get the players into a familiar setting as fast as possible, while not forcing them to worry about the long shadow of a certain well-known barbarian. A short, two-session scenario was played in this world to generally good reviews. The players just prefer a system with a bit more crunch than BoL has to offer. I’m not giving up just yet, since I personally dig the rules a lot. Maybe a post apocalyptic trip through Narakam will change their tiny little minds? Muhaha.


The BoL rules depend a bit on heroes specifying their country/region/city of origin. Your origin helps define you, but it need not constrain you. The following five origins are a small sampling of those found in Kaalmuria.

The great plains of Zaar dominate much of the central region of Kaalmuria. The population of Zaar is roughly half-nomadic and half-argrarian. Both groups of Zaari are known for a love of learning and a keen nose for mercantile concerns. Heroes from the plains of Zaar seldom fail to have Hunter or Merchant as one of their careers.

Mace Fighter: When fighting with a mace of traditional Zaaric design, roll an extra die.
Sling Master: Roll an extra die when attacking with a sling.
Plains Tracker

Distrust of Sorcery
Feels the Cold

Kel is a misty, moody northern island and its people are much the same. Prone to drink, artistically inclined and never afraid of a fight, the typical Kelman makes for an… interesting traveling companion. The people of Kel are also known for their uncanny luck.

Broadsword Master: If you are using a genuine Kellic Broadsword, you may roll one extra die.
Longbow Master: If you are using a genuine Kellic Longbow, you may roll one extra die.
Marked by the Gods
Hard To Kill

Feels the Heat
Poor Eyesight

A refined – some might say decadent – city of courtiers, assassins and magicians, Liria is known as the City of the Secrets. Heroes from Liria often have Assassin, Noble or Sorcerer as careers. Heroes from Liria may not have ranks in Barbarian.

Knife Fighter: If you are using a true Lirian Kris, you may roll one extra die.
Innate Magician (same as Magic of the Sorcerer Kings)
Great Wealth
Power of the Void

City Dweller

A proud, passionate city of sailors, poets and philosophers, Thaxos is the undisputed sea power of Kaalmuria. Heroes from Thaxos invariably have Mariner or Scribe (if not both) as one of their careers.

Axe Fighter: Use an extra die whenever you are fighting with a genuine Thaxoan Axe.
Born Sailor
Keen Eyesight
Quick Recovery

City Dweller
Combat Paralysis
Missing Eye or Ear

Here be barbarians. Wild and untamed, with limited trappings of civilization, Geirbjornhal and the rest of the Northern Wilds breed strong, savage warriors who often travel south to make their fortunes. Heroes from Geirbjornhal must take Barbarian as their first career.

Spear Fighter: Use an extra die whenever you are fighting with a traditional Geirbjornhaller Spear.
Born To Climb: Roll an extra die when climbing vertical surfaces.
Beast Friend
Fearsome Looks
Thick Skin
Rock or Snow Tracker

Distrust of Sorcery
Missing Limb
Missing Eye or Ear


The following are some of the languages are spoken in Kaalmuria: Zaaric, Kellic, Lirian, Thaxian, and Geiric. Additionally, there is a common tongue known colloquially as Gutterspeak.


The varied people of Kaalmuria worship a wide variety of gods, ranging from the omnipotent and omnipresent to the ominous and obscure. A small number of these deities are listed below.

Generally Good
Ghev – Zaari god of the sun
Rhafa – Zaari goddess of the harvest
Dynan – Kellic god of wine and song
Mael Mav – Kellic goddess of war
Ceria – Lirian goddess of knowledge and aqueducts
Estiel – Lirian goddess of the moon and magic
Rasos – Thaxian god of the sea
Thalestres – Thaxian goddess of wisdom and war
Brogdr – Geirbjornhaller god of strength and war
Lleshgaar – Geirbjornhaller god of storms

Generally Evil
Satach – Zaari prince of hell
Tiabhal – Kellic queen of the dead
Derinos – Lirian arch-devil

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