Mini Six Characters: 1977 Lady Detectives

Wherein your humble scribe succumbs to the siren song of Mini Six once again. This time the fabulous Precinct ’77 mini-setting serves as the inspiration.

Laney Salyes brushed an errant strand of her long blonde hair back from her face and sighed slightly as she tried, again, to explain to the victim’s mother that the Department really needed to know if he had been back on the Horse before his unfortunate demise. Ramon Izquierdo had been a successful boxer a long time ago – “The Right Hook of Red Hook” they called him, 17-3-1 – but after throwing a couple of fights near the end of his career his reputation was shot and the only work he could find was as small-time muscle for the DiPioto Family. When Izzy the Hook, as the Family called him, turned up dead from an overdose, but with no track marks visible, Lt. Sayles and her partner had been called in to investigate.

“Mrs. Izquierda, really, we want to find out exactly what happened to your son. And we want to make certain that whoever is responsible faces justice. Now surely you can tell us just a few simple things…”

“No. I no talk to you,” the elderly woman in the doorway said. “Policia always give trouble my Ramon. Siempre preguntas, always pushing him. He was a good boy…”

Lt. Sayles drew a deep breath and prepared to try yet another angle when she heard her partner cough. It was the dry, fake cough that Marina used when she’d had enough of Laney’s good cop routine and was ready to charge in with her own, rougher, approach.

Lt. Torres stepped around her partner and took off her large, mirrored sunglasses, revealing the black eye she was still nursing from her sparring match against Dankowicz. That big dumb ox had caught her off guard with a weak but effective jab. In return, she’d dropped a quick combination that left him seeing stars. There weren’t many men in the Precinct who were still willing to take her on in the ring. She was a natural born boxer, after all; the daughter of Santiago “El Toro” Torres, the only man who had beaten Ramon Izquierdo in an unrigged fight.

“Escúcheme, señora,” Marina began as she launched into a forceful, rapid fire verbal assault in her mother tongue. “Sé que su hijo hizo algunas cosas malas, y yo sabía que tenía un momento difícil de la misma. Pero tienes que decirnos lo que necesita saber o más personas van a morir. Más niños como Ramón.”

As she spoke, tears began to well up in the old woman’s eyes and her chin began to quaver. Yes, Marina though, she’ll be singing in no time. I hate to make her cry, but Laney can smooth that over once we have the information we need.

Lt. Elaine “Laney” Sayles
Might 2D Agility 3D
Wit 2D Charm 4D
Skills: Brawl 3D, Dodge 4D, Drive 4D, Guns 4D, Investigation 3D, Good Cop 5D, BS Detector 5D
Perks: none
Complications: Bad Divorce
Gear: Badge, Handcuffs, Service Revolver (4D)
Static: Dodge 12, Block 9, Parry 6
Body Points: 30
Armor: none

Lt. Marina Torres
Might 1D+2 Agility 3D+2
Wit 3D+1 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Brawl 3D+2, Athletics 4D+2, Investigation 4D+1, Bad Cop 3D+1, Snitches 3D+1
Perks: Ethnic Background (Puerto Rican/speaks Spanish)
Complications: Bad Rep
Gear: Badge, Handcuffs, Service Revolver (4D)
Static: Dodge 11, Block 11, Parry 5
Body Points: 26
Armor: none

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0 thoughts on “Mini Six Characters: 1977 Lady Detectives

  1. Marcus Bone (Binder)

    Man I love Mini Six! I’m running a Precinct ’77 game at a local con here early next year! And I’ve done a few extras for the Fransley setting as well!

    To top it off – my three hardcopies of the Bare Bones edition arrived in the mail just yesterday!

    rock on!


    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Oh yes, it’s definitely a tasty little system, amigo. I’m not much of a fan of dice pool games normally, but there’s something that’s just right about Mini Six. I think it has to do with the presentation and overall slimness of the rules. It truly feels like something you can just monkey with til your heart’s content. Kind like I felt about the old BRP booklet back in the early 80s.

      And heck yeah, having the physical book in hand is awfully sweet. Enjoy yourself immensely and I’d love to hear how the con game goes (even though that’s a ways off just yet).


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