Happy Stand-Alone-Aversary To Me!

Cthulhu Cake

Cthulhu Cake by raingirllori on Flickr

One year ago today I cut the cord from WordPress.com and launched this here “stand alone” iteration of StrangeStones.com. It’s been an eventful year, complete with several job changes and a period of savings-breaking unemployment (which, on the plus side, yielded much more content than I’ve been able to produce since rejoining the workforce, c’est la guerre).

I keep hoping I’ll be able to get back into a serious swing, but for the moment, all I have to offer is my charming demeanor and the occasional tidbit for whatever game catches my fancy at the moment. With any luck, the impending arrival of a shiny new (and deeply discounted) HP TouchBook will somehow make my life easier and I’ll be able to bang out even more fun stuff for your twisted little eyes to feast upon.

Meanwhile, why not spin your way through some of the Strange Stones back catalog, like the Demons of Adad Untash (demony goodness for Labyrinth Lord), the Labyrinth Lord Rogues Gallery, Tlactoztlan (a Meso American setting for Barbarians of Lemuria), my series of 5 Room Dungeons for Mini Six/Open D6, or the Downloads page (where, amongst the other artifacts, you can find regular reader G-Man’s outstanding BoL adventures)?

I won’t even attempt to predict the future of what you might find here at Strange Stones, but if the stars are really right and the Big C himself doesn’t come eat my soul, there might just be some more Nogoloth, November Company, and Narakam action headed your way. Or maybe just some stuff that doesn’t start with the letter N.

Cheers, amigos!

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0 thoughts on “Happy Stand-Alone-Aversary To Me!

  1. G-Man

    Did you say Nogoloth? Boy howdy, that would suit me right about now . . .

    Happy anniversary. Remember to get something nice and thoughtful for yourself so you don’t consider yourself a cheapskate and start resenting yourself.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Yeah, I said Nogoloth. Of course, I might just have been leading you on. But we’ll see what the ol’ brain does in the next several days. I feel a little darkness around the edges 🙂

      Thanks for the well-wishes, amigo! I’m no cheapskate, but I am chock full o’ resentment!