Central Texas Mini-Con July 31

Check it out. There’s a mini-convention on Saturday July 31st (and again on August 21) here in Austin. And it’s dedicated to playing old school D&D, no less. Interestingly, it’s put on in part by (or at least in conjunction with) the folks who do the ever-growing North Texas RPG Con. And guess what? Your humble scribe is going to be in attendance (for the July 31st event, at least). See, my wife’s out of town that day and Scholz Garten is maybe a mile from my house and the con itself is free. So really, how could I not go?

Now, for the record, I’m very much not a con guy. The last gaming convention I went to was AggieCon ’95, and that was almost entirely a business trip. I definitely didn’t game at that one. The last time I went to a con where I actually played or ran something you have to go all the way back to 1985, for the twin majesties of TexCon (where I won an Illuminati event of some sort) and DalCon (where I ran a fun Champions game and played my only session of Runequest). I’m pretty sure my only other gaming con experience was Origins ’84 (where I picked up my well-loved OCE box) and didn’t actually play anything. I tend to go to panel discussions and such with these things rather than game, it seems.

So this little con, which is entirely about playing – and not about speakers or vendor rooms or anything else – might just prove to be very interesting. I’m sure I’ll have at least something to report after next Saturday, even if it’s just horror and disgust at the cheeto-dust encrusted gaming masses 🙂

But seriously, if you’re going to be there (and I’d be surprised if any of my “known quantity” readers made it since I know how very NOT in Austin they live) let me know. And if you’re not a “known quantity” reader but you’re there, please do say hello. I’ll be the balding, overweight guy with a beard and glasses wearing a black t-shirt that might say something funny on it. You won’t be able to swing a dead possum without hitting me 🙂

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