BRP Characters: Two Vikings

Wherein your humble scribe, flying in the face of his current obsession with scifi settings, presents a couple of Vikingesque characters for BRP.

Olvir the Owl and his belovéd, the witch called Runa Foglsdottir, set sail in a longship with two dozen of the Jarl’s finest warriors with the twin goals of conquest and plunder. The sea, it seems, had other plans. Now only the pair remain, shipwrecked on unknown shores. As the storm clouds recede and night begins to fall, strange cries and howls can be heard from within the dense forest just beyond the shore. Runa recalls tales of a land walked by men who become beasts when the sun sets and the air is fresh with rain and the rocks sated with the blood of the drowned. But surely such things are only the mad dreams of feverish sailors. Surely.

Olvir The Owl
STR 16 CON 12 SIZ 17 DEX 15 INT 13 POW 13 APP 8 HP 15 MW 8 DB +1d6
Weapons: Battle Axe 75% (1d8+2 +1d6), Spiked Shield 45% (1d3 +1d6)
Armor: Chain (1d8-1)
Skills: Brawl 45%, Climb 70%, Craft: Shipbuilding 15%, Dodge 50%, Grapple 45%, Insight 35%, Jump 45%, Knowledge: Natural World 31%, Language: Gaelic 21%, Language: Norse 75%, Melee Weapon: Axe 75%, Melee Weapon: Spear 45%, Navigate 50%, *Persuade 35%, Pilot: Boat 61%, Research 45%, Sense 30%, Shield 45%, Spot 55%, Stealth 30%, Swim 75%, Throw 25%

Runa Foglsdottir
STR 9 CON 14 SIZ 13 DEX 15 INT 17 POW 18 APP 14 HP 14 MW 7 DB none
Weapons: Short Spear 55% (1d6+1), Spiked Shield 45% (1d3)
Armor: Ring Mail (1d6)
Skills: Appraise 35%, Bargain 25%, Disguise 21%, Dodge 40%, Fast Talk 35%, First Aid 37%, Insight 45%, Knowledge: History 51%, Knowledge: Occult 61%, Knowledge: Natural World 41%, Language: Norse 95%, Listen 45%, Melee Weapon: Spear 55%, Perform: Rituals 45%, Perform: Singing 35%, Persuade 45%, Research 45%, Sense 30%, Shield 35%, Spot 45%, Stealth 30%, Technical: Traps 21%
Spells: Bird’s Vision, Breath of Life, Heal, Make Fast, Make Whole, Moonrise, Muddle, Rat’s Vision

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2 thoughts on “BRP Characters: Two Vikings

  1. bester

    Hi 🙂
    I´m a spanish blogger and roleplayer. I´ve seen and downloaded “ghost of acheron” . It´s a great adventure.
    I would like to translate into Spanish and adapt the system to Fate.
    Would you give me permission to do so?

    sorry for the bad english. I´ve tried to comment on the entry of the adventure but it´s not allowed.

    thanks in advance

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Howdy! Thanks for your interest, amigo. I’m not the author of Ghost (or any of the other BoL adventures), but I have passed your information along to the gentleman who contributed them to the site. He’s the only one who can give you the permission to translate & adapt the adventure. I’m sure he’ll contact you soon.

      Also, your English is much better than my Spanish, so there’s no need to apologize 🙂

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