BRP Aliens: The Vortskaraal

Wherein your humble scribe presents a race of humanoid aliens (or perhaps just an offshoot of humanity) for use in that non-existent sci fi setting for BRP.

Hailing from a remote planet with substantially heavier gravity than Earth-normal, the Vortskaraal are a fierce but primitive species. Superficially they resemble Humans, but they have adapted quite thoroughly to their environment and are much shorter, stronger, and hardier than Humans on average. Their native culture is roughly Iron Age in terms of technology, which reduces a number of the default values for the more advanced skills they might learn, though there is no reason that with enough time spent in in the wider universe that an individual Vortskaraal cannot improve those skills.

Regular contact with the Vortskaraal homeworld has been established and various non-native races travel and trade there with some frequency. Visitors to the Vortskaraal homeworld can function unassisted for a limited time on the surface before tiring, but those who expect to spend significant time there are advised to make use of technology to aid them in dealing with the planet’s demanding gravity. The Vortskaraal themselves are generally amused by the ExoLoaders and other mechanisms employed by off-worlders.

Vortskaraal warriors are often recruited to serve in various armies and militias throughout the Trobane Conferdate and beyond. These warriors are often valued and respected for their abilities in combat and their loyalty to their employers.

Vortskaraal, Stubby Space Vikings

STR 4d6+6 (20)
CON 4d6 (14+10)
SIZ 2d4+4 (9+10)
INT 3d6 (10-11)
POW 3d6 (10-11)
DEX 2d4+6 (11)
APP 2d4+3 (8)
EDU 2d4 (5)

Average HP: 22
Average Damage Bonus: +2d6

Skill Bases (where different from defaults): Brawl 45%, Climb 20%, Dodge DEX X 1, Drive 1%, First Aid INT X 1, Grapple 45%, Jump 5%, Knowledge 1%, Medicine 0%, Stealth 5%, Swim 5%, Technical 1%

Powers: Due to their increased density, Vortskaraal are quite hardy and resistent to kinetic damage. They are also much heavier than they would appear to be based on their height, which reduces the rate at which they can move in a combat round. Treat this as 10 levels of Density Control (increased density only) that is always on and requires no Power Points to fuel.

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