BoL Foes: Eagle Knights & Jaguar Warriors

Eagle Knights & Jaguar Warriors (Cuauhtli and Ocelotli in Tlacuatl), though representing two distinct orders within Tlactoztol society, ultimately serve very similar roles and are often considered sides of the same coin both inside and outside the lost valley. These two groups are primarily comprised of older, accomplished soldiers of noble birth, though truly valiant or noteworthy commoners are occasionally elevated into their ranks. To attain true membership in either the Eagle Knights or the Jaguar Warriors, a warrior (regardless of supposed birthright) must have successfully taken no less than four significant opponents alive in battle.

Despite their efforts to claim certain additional rights and assert themselves within Tlactozotl politics, these two groups have no true authority of their own and function more as “open” secret societies or fraternal orders than as actual power blocs. This in no way diminishes their role during time of war, nor does it make any particular Eagle Knight or Jaguar Warrior less dangerous a foe.

Both Cuauhtli and Ocelotli forego the traditional yellow-feathered headdress worn by the Coztli (the warrior caste of Tlactoztlan) in favor of their own order’s preferred helmets, which resemble the heads of their respective avatars.

Lifeblood 12

Strength 2
Agility 1
Mind 0
Appeal 0

Combat Abilities
Brawl 0
Melee 2
Ranged 1
Defense 0

Soldier 2
Noble 1

Protection: 1d6-1 (quilted cotton armor & shield)
Macuahuitl (obsidian-toothed wooden swords) 1d6+3 (-1 to hit)
Atlatl (dart thrower) 1d6+1
Tepoztopilli (spear), 1d6+2

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