A Dangerous Foe: Shaalath Akis

Wherein your humble scribe presents LL/AEC and (as an added bonus) BoL writeups of naughty sorceress Shaalath Akis, who was introduced recently in The Demons Of Adad Untash: Uszu Anang Kal. He invites you to use this foul temptress to bedevil your players. She’s a very bad girl (and she likes it like that).

One note on the LL/AEC version of Shaalath Akis: I’ve always played the Advanced game with magic-users getting bonus spells for INT as clerics do for WIS, so she’s listed with more spells than a magic-user of her level would normally have by-the-book. To rectify this if you don’t play that way, simply knock her spells per day down to 2/2/1 and assume that they spells listed are the ones she’s more likely to have memorized than anything else she has in her spell books. Or you can write-off the bonus spells as a benefit of her dedication to her demonic master.

Now, without further ado, Shaalath Akis!

Shaalath Akis – LL/AEC Style

Race Human (Female)
Class Magic-User
Level 5
Alignment Chaotic (Evil)
Hit Points 20
Armor Class 5

INT 17
DEX 13
CON 13
CHR 16

Spells: 4/4/2
1st Level: Charm Person, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Shield
2nd Level: Darkness Globe, Invisibility, Scare, Stinking Cloud
3rd Level: Hold Person, Summon Monster I

Bracers of Armor (AC 6)
Venom Dagger +1
Scroll of Spells:
* Summon Monster III
* Summon Demon

Shaalath Akis, BoL Style

Sorceress & Adept of Jebel Jebellah

Lifeblood 10
Arcane Power 14
Villain Points 6

Strength 0
Agility 2
Mind 2
Appeal 1

Combat Abilities
Brawling 0
Melee 2
Ranged 1
Defense 2

Sorcerer 2
Druid 1
Noble 1
Scholar 1

Power of the Void
Marked by the Gods


2 Daggers (1d3)
Very Light Armor (1d3-1)

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0 thoughts on “A Dangerous Foe: Shaalath Akis

  1. bat

    Very nice, squire! And with the BoL statistics as well you cannot go wrong.

    I need to finish my races for BoL and post them somewhere.

  2. the venomous pao

    Thanks! Yeah, she really felt more BoL than LL to me even as I was writing the original entry so I figured I might as well include those stats, especially since it so easy to knock together a BoL character.

    I’m dying to see your BoL races, bat. Hop to, man! 🙂

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