1977 Detectives: Hu Fong Lee, His Daughter, And Her Henchmen

Wherein your humble scribe succumbs to the siren song of Mini Six once again. The fabulous Precinct ’77 mini-setting continues to serve as the inspiration.

Hu Chang Min parted the beaded curtain, allowing a flare of sunlight into the dim, smoke-filled room behind the Canal Street storefront. Pausing briefly to place a small round coin in the palm of the golden Buddha that stood beside the doorway, she crossed the room silently. Alerted to her presence by the sound of the tribute, her father lifted his wizened head and watched as she approached, regarding with some amusement the haughtiness in her bearing even as she strove to show the traditional deference required by their culture.

“Father,” the elegantly dressed young woman began, bowing slightly at the waist, her exquisite black hair flowing like ink down her back as she did. “Lt. Washington is, as the gweilo say, a tough customer. I do not presume to know your mind, but I feel as though I must suggest that the detective now knows too much.”

“Daughter,” replied Hu Fong Lee, his eyes bright with appreciation for his daughter’s boldness. He knew it would not be long before the girl began to exert herself even more. She had been growing more assertive ever since her brother had left the City to expand the family’s influence in California. “I have allowed the black jing cha to learn precisely as much as I desire, and no more. However, to ensure that my generosity is not exceeded, I request that you take Lo, Din and Tsu and eliminate Lt. Washington tonight. I believe he will be found at the drinking establishment known as McSorley’s. Try not to involve anyone else, if possible, please. We do not want to attract undue attention.”

“Of course, father,” Min replied, her face scarcely able to conceal the pride she felt at being entrusted with this task. Soon Hu Fong Lee would be too old to run the operation, and with Wang-fen occupied with the situation she had arranged for him in San Francisco, surely she would be named her father’s successor. “I will gladly remove this threat to our, I mean, your organization.”

“Go then, my Jade Blossom, and bring honor to our family,” the old man replied. If she could perform this task, faced with the unexpected variables Hu Fong Lee knew that she would encounter, he would feel that she was prepared to assume even more responsibilities. And if she failed? The wily old man chuckled to himself quietly as his daughter left his sanctuary, pausing again before the golden Buddha at the door. If she failed, so be it. He was not so ready to retire to the opium den that he could not maintain the business until his number one son returned from his journey to the West.

Hu Fong Lee
Might 1D Agility 2D+2
Wit 3D+2 Charm 3D+2
Skills: Brawling 2D, Dodge 4D+2, Good Cop 5D+2, Bad Cop 4D+2
Perks: Ethnic Background (Chinese)
Complications: none
Gear: none of note
Static: Dodge 14, Block 6, Parry 3
Body Points: 24
Armor: none

His Daughter, Hu Chang Min
Might 2D Agility 4D
Wit 2D+1 Charm 2D+2
Skills: Brawling 3D, Dodge 5D, Guns 5D, Sneak 5D, Undercover 3D+2
Perks: Ethnic Background (Chinese), Heaving & Breathless
Complications: none
Gear: Light Pistol (3D)
Static: Dodge 15, Block 9, Parry 6
Body Points: 28
Armor: none

Her Henchmen, Lo, Din, and Tsu
Might 3D Agility 2D+2
Wit 1D+2 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Brawl 4D, Melee 4D, Muscle 4D, Dodge 3D+2, Guns 3D+2, Bad Cop 2d+2
Perks: Ethnic Background (Chinese)
Complications: none
Gear: Pistol (4d)
Static: Dodge 11, Block 12, Parry 12
Body Points: 32
Armor: none

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  2. G-Man

    For some reason, when I was reading the Precinct ’77 writeup I immediately pictured San Francisco . . . and here we go with some Chinatown intrigue. Very nice.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Thanks, G-Man! Glad to be of service. And where you say “for some reason” I’m reading “because of Dirty Harry and Bullitt” 🙂

      I must admit that for me, though, the first thing I pictured was NYC. So that’s where I started. But yeah, SF comes in a close second for the genre to me. Hence my need to bring it into the story. I’m not sure when I’ll swing back through here to write more (and hopefully game some) in the setting – it could be today, it could be months from now – but there’s definitely some desire to know what kid sister has whipped up for the Number One Son out there in California.