WNMHGB Character: Lt. Commander Yzel’k

Wherein your humble scribe presents a character for Where No Man Has Gone Before, his favoritest Star Trek game ever.

Born on Federation colony Madera III to an archaeologist, a doctor, a Federation Yellow Shirt and a free trader, Yzel’k soon moved to Iza V with his charan and shreya while his zhavey was assigned to a tour aboard the USS Majestic. Sadly, his thavan was killed in a freak shuttle accident before Yzel’k was born. While on Iza V, young Yzel’k had an adventuresome time, exploring the remote valleys and caves with his pet throvak (which is a lot like a sabertooth tiger that never gets bigger than a large house cat).

Eventually, Yzel’k felt the call of Starfleet and shipped off to the Academy, to his zhavey’s delight and his charan and shreya’s chagrin. By entering the sciences, though, Yzel’k brought some degree of harmony and balance back to his family. While at Starfleet Academy, Yzel’k took a course from Dr. Roger Korby, which ultimately led to his decision to pursue Archaeological Medicine as his focus.

Yzel’k’s post Academy career has been an eventful one indeed. While assigned to the USS Taurus (a Hermes Class ship) he not only discovered a conduit to the Mirror Universe – which he narrowly rescued the ship from – but also displayed great sacrifice in not using the mysterious alien device time travel device the crew discovered to save his thavan’s life.

While posted to Starbase 9, Yzel’k uncovered a Romulan spy and prevented the destruction of several ships and the base itself. Later, back aboard the USS Taurus as part of a diplomatic envoy, Yzel’k took part in a heroic rescue mission when a distress call was received from the USS Tian An Men (a Miranda Class vessel).

Captain Serena Carroway of the Tian An Men was so taken with Yzel’k’s performance during the rescue of her ship (and he with her uncommon beauty) that she specifically requested he be assigned to the Tian An Men during his next tour of duty. While serving as chief science officer for Captain Carroway, Yzel’k once again took part in a rescue mission when the ship responded to a distress call from a civilian transport ship. Yzel’k was personally responsible for saving the lives of all 500 passengers and crew of that ship.

Later during the same tour, Yzel’k and the rest of the crew of the Tian An Men discovered a new civlization – a race of bird-like humanoids living in the rainforests on the moon of Daneb IX. When communication with the Danebixians proved difficult, it was Yzel’k who puzzled out their language, showing great creativity in the process.

For his next tour, Yzel’k was transferred to the USS Saratoga (a Miranda Class vessel) under somewhat mysterious circumstances, though records indicate that his relationship with Capt. Carroway of the Tian An Men had become somewhat strained. While aboard the Saratoga Yzel’k’s quick action in a battle with Romulan forces saved the life of that ship’s captain, Commodore Adam Inman. During that same tour, the Saratoga discovered a new civilization on Fimiri II, a hostile group of humans from a lost colony ship from the late 20th Century who had established a culture based on the teachings of Ayn Rand. Yzel’k used his keen knowledge of that author’s writings to save a number of his crewmembers lives.

Lt. Commander Yzel’k now finds himself posted to the USS Daedalus, under the command of Captain Hal MacMillan, where he is expected to serve as chief science officer.

Name: Yzel’k
Species: Andorian

Class: Blue Shirt
Ship Position: Science
Rank: Lt. Commander

Level: 7
XP: 0
HP: 44
AC: 14

Action Points: 2

Str: 10 (+0)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Int: 18 (+4)
Cha: 12 (+1)

Communication +4
Engineering +4
Knowledge +10 (Trained)
Medicine +10 (Trained)
Physical +4
Subterfuge +4

Exploit Weakness
Trained Skill (Medicine)

Melee Attack Bonus: +7
Ranged Attack Bonus: +8

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  1. the venomous pao Post author

    I could easily subtitle this post “Why I Love Random Lifepath Character Generation” 🙂

  2. Mike Berkey

    The only thing more fun than writing a lifepath generator like this is making sense out of the weird-ass random results. Or hearing from other people who do. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Howdy and welcome to my little ol’ blog, Mike. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I do love the heck out of WNMHGB and the lifepath generator is no small part of that. Cheers to you for making it available!