WNMHGB Character: Ensign Max Cevallos

Wherein your humble scribe knocks out a lifepath generator produced character for the Trek-themed, Microlite20-powered, Where No Man Has Gone Before. Because he wanted to, that’s why.

Born aboard the USS Hura, en route to Bregus V, Maximilian Cevallos y Ruiz was raised on that frontier world by his parents, the famous infectious disease researchers Martin Cevallos and Beatriz Ruiz. His parents’ work occupied much of their time, leaving Max to wander and explore.

Despite their encouragement to pursue his own interests, Max felt compelled to try to live up to his parent’s legacy and endeavored to focus on the biosciences in school. Unfortunately, as his parents had already surmised, Max simply wasn’t of a scientific bent.

Several years of frustration later, Max opted to join Starfleet to try to find where his talents truly lay. While at Starfleet Academy Max’s innate skills at oratory began to show, and he quickly rose to prominence as a masterful debater.

After graduating near the top of his class, Max was assigned to the USS Constellation, and on his first tour of duty the ship and its crew were party to the discovery of Wengstromm’s Anomaly. Max showed great creativity and inventiveness in his approach to his post as junior navigator aboard the Constellation.

Remaining aboard the Constellation for his second tour of duty, Max continued to prove himself a capable navigator as well as a keen judge of character. While on a mission to Saraya II, Max played a key role in uncovering a plot being hatched by the Constellation‘s Chief Security Officer, Commander Sarah Jane Coleman, to use a weapon of mass destruction against that planet in an effort to touch off hostilities between the Federation and the nearby Gorn Empire. Through Max’s efforts, the lives of countless civilians were spared.

Ensign Cevallos now finds himself assigned to the USS Daedalus, under the command of Captain Hal MacMillan. Despite his relative youth, Max is expected to serve as senior navigator aboard this Miranda class cruiser as it patrols the area the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Looking back on his life as he begins this new chapter, Max still feels regret that he failed in his efforts to be a doctor like his parents. He does hold a certain sense of pride in having saved the vast majority of an entire planet’s population, though – a feat which his father and mother frequently bring up as an example of their son’s unique place in the universe.

Name: Maximilian “Max” Cevallos y Ruiz
Species: Human

Class: Yellow Shirt
Ship Position: Navigation
Rank: Ensign

Level: 4
XP: 0
HP: 31
AC: 13

Action Points: 3

Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Int: 13 (+1)
Cha: 14 (+2)

Communication +7 (Trained)
Engineering +3
Knowledge +7 (Trained)
Medicine +3
Physical +3
Subterfuge +3

Measure of a Man
Inspirational Speech
Life of Riley
Trained Skill (Knowledge)

Melee Attack Bonus: +5
Ranged Attack Bonus: +5

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