Two Years And Counting

I almost forgot that today is the second anniversary of Strange Stones! I certainly haven’t been posting at the pace I started out at, but I also haven’t managed to give up completely. So I’ll call it a victory and keep on keepin’ on.

I would be remiss in noting this anniversary without extending hearty thanks to all my loyal readers. You dudes & dudettes make this something worth doing and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know some of you by way of this exercise in geeky self-indulgence.

Also, I haven’t given up the idea of trying to run some kind of game or another online with you fine folks. I just haven’t had the time I’d like to have to really delve into that kind of thing. Soon, though, I should. And then you’ll all be in trouble. Muhaha.

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7 thoughts on “Two Years And Counting

  1. G-Man

    And a happy, content-filled two years it’s been, too. Please keep plugging away.

    V.P., I’d play in any game you felt like running. A Southern Gothic in which all the PCs are members of a once-proud plantation family reduced to quivering patches of green slime? Check. A mini-campagin wherein the characters are former 80’s sitcom child-stars, now reduced to a nihilistic existence washing cars or doing dry-cleaning while dodging creditors and fighting off addictions? I’m there. With bells on.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Aw, thanks, G. But how did you know about the “experimental” campaigns I tried to run in the late 90s? 🙂

      1. G-Man

        I used to play Aunt Tillie, remember? The aging southern belle known for her absinthe-drinking, flower-arranging skills, and occasional, winsome indiscretions with Randy Willows, the gardener.

        Before she was turned into a 2’x2′ patch of green slime, that is.

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          You never really knew just how uncomfortable those scenes with Mr. Willows made me, did you? I hated to turn Tillie into slime, but it was the only way out, man!

          But I truly did enjoy your turns as Oscar Guardado (TV’s Pedro Jimenez from That’s Our Pedro!). I still wish that campaign hadn’t ended. But you know, when half the players get busted for smuggling Chinese knockoffs of YSL bags & Ray Bans frames and lead-tainted cabbages into the country, it really is just time to quit.

          1. G-Man

            Oh, you’re talking about 80’s Faded Glories, not Green Slime Gothic, now.

            Actually, Rodney played the Pedro character. I played Graham Niles from Honey I Co-Signed for the Kids! The one with the failed comeback career as a children’s book author? You remember him. Ended up as a renaissance fair male prostitute.

            Personally, I thought smuggling the Ray Bans past customs was thrilling, and a high point of the campaign.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Thanks, Rob. And early congrats on your own impending anniversary! These last two years have been an awfully nice time to be a geek. Here’s to many more for both of us!

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