Traveller: The Professional Athlete Career (And Some Barnstorming Ceroballers)

It’s spring, or close to it, and that means that The Venomous Pao’s fancy turns to baseball. He can’t help it. And though that may make him a little odd for a raging geek blogger, that’s just who he is. On the plus side, he’s channeled this quirk into the creation of a new prior career for his favoritest old school SciFI game – Classic Traveller. And now… without further ado… here’s the Professional Athlete career (eer-eer-eer)!

Professional Athlete
Enlistment 9+
DM of +1 if STR or DEX 9+
DM of +2 if END 10+

Survival* 6+
DM +2 if END 9+

Position 8+
DM +1 if INT 9+

Promotion 9+
DM +1 if STR or DEX 11+

Re-enlist (4+terms served)+

*Failing a survival roll for a Professional Athlete seldom results in death. Instead, this result typically indicates a career ending injury or, less frequently, a scandal that forces the player out of the sport. On a failed survival roll, throw 10+ for a scandal-based end to the career (which reduces the character’s SOC by 1D). Otherwise a CEI reduces all physical attributes by 1D each. Only on a throw of 2 is character death indicated.

Rank 0 Minor Leaguer (Scrub)
Rank 1 Journeyman
Rank 2 Regular
Rank 3 Star
Rank 4 All-Star
Rank 5 Superstar
Rank 6 Legend

Material Benefits
1 Low Psg
2 Mid Psg
3 High Psg
4 +1 Soc
5 +1 Int
6 Travellers’
7 Sponsorship Deal
Characters of Rank 5 or 6 are allowed a DM of +1 on this table.

Cash Benefits
1 1,000
2 5,000
3 10,000
4 20,000
5 50,000
6 100,000
7 200,000

Characters with Gambling or who have retired are allowed a DM of +1 on this table.

Sponsorship Deal: The character – so long as he or she maintains a professional public reputation – earns money from his or her sponsorship of various businesses and their goods. Characters of Rank 5 earn Cr 20,000 annually and those of Rank 6 earn Cr 50,000 per year.

Rank And Service Skills
Minor Leaguer: Athletics-1
Journeyman: Sport-1
Superstar: +1 Soc

Acquired Skills Table

Personal Development Table
1 +1 Stren
2 +1 Dext
3 +1 Endur
4 +1 Intel
5 Athletics
6 Brawling

Service Skills Table
1 Athletics
2 Carousing
3 Sport
4 Sport
5 Gambling
6 Streetwise

Advanced Education Table
1 Vehicle
2 Liaison
3 Recruiting
4 +1 Educ
5 Gun Cbt
6 Bribery

Advanced Education Table (EDU 8+ Only)
1 Medical
2 Instruction
3 Jack-o-T
4 Forgery
5 Admin
6 Pilot

Athletics: The individual is a trained athlete. This skill should be used as a favorable DM in situations that test athletic ability.

Sport: The individual is skilled in the rules and performance of a specific sport, which must be specified immediately upon receipt of this skill. DMs based on specific situations should be generated, and Sport skill should be used as a favorable DM. This skill may also prove useful for certain jobs.

The New Chuzaen Traveling Knights

Below are a few key players on the New Chuzaen Traveling Knights – a team of retired Ceroball Players who are barnstorming through the the Claybourne Subsector rather than growing up and getting “real” jobs now that their pro days are over. There’s no telling what kind of trouble a group like this can get into while traveling between systems. And sometimes they might even need to book passage with a scurvy crew of ex-Scouts, Marines, and the like.

#29 Sir Edward “Eddie Knightblade” Falshine IV
8AC97A Age 22 1 Term (Service: Professional Athlete, Final Rank: Minor Leaguer)
Athletics-3, Liaison-1

#6 Frederick “Flexi” Fogel
898458 Age 26 2 Term (Service: Professional Athlete, Final Rank: Regular)
Athletics-1, Brawling-1, Ceroball-3, Carousing-1, Ground Car-1

#18 Marion “Ox” Kozloski
B7A954 Age 38 5 Term (Service: Professional Athlete, Final Rank: All-Star)
Athletics-2, Ceroball-3, Liaison-1, Bribery-1, Gambling-1, Recruiting-1

#44 Genero “Dash” Di Miasi
8A9786 Age 30 3 Term (Service: Professional Athlete, Final Rank: Regular)
Athletics-2, Ceroball-2, Recruiting-1, Instruction-1, Admin-1

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0 thoughts on “Traveller: The Professional Athlete Career (And Some Barnstorming Ceroballers)

  1. Lord Kilgore

    I don’t BELIEVE you’re posting something on classic Traveller characters. I’m currently working on a test project closely tied to that very subject and have been going over the LBBs for the past few days.

    This looks great.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Glad you dig it, LK! I’ve been sneaking the occasional Traveller character group into the blog off and on for a while now. But this is the first time I’ve written up a new prior career in 20 years or so. Ah, the LBBs are a thing of beauty.

      I’m curious about your test project! Any thought on when it might see some daylight?