Traveller: Sneaking Stinson Through The Stratosphere

Wherein, in honor of the currently free classic Traveller Starter Edition, your humble scribe presents a group of three characters for (classic) Traveller. All of these were rolled up by-the-book using said Starter Edition.

Mustered out on Budapest in the Claybourne Subsector, this group of miscreants is looking for work. One of them overheard a little rumor in the B-class starport bar that there’s a scientist in the capital city who is looking for a group to escort her (or him?) offworld so that he can conduct his research without further interference by the planet’s highly bureaucratic government. Of course, just finding this scientist (Stinson? Simson? What was that name, exactly?) will be hard enough. Getting him (or her?) through the red tape to get offworld might prove to be nearly impossible. Maybe they’ll just go back to drinking until an easier patron comes along…

Ernesto Meltzer
686A48 Age 22 1 Term (Service: Marines, Final Rank: NCO)

Keisha Benton
8CB838 Age 38 5 Terms (Service: Merchants, Final Rank: 2nd Officer)
Steward-2, Steetwise-1, AutoPistol-1, Electronics-2, Jack of All Trades-2

Katie Craine
78B674 Age 30 3 Terms (Service: Army, Final Rank: Major)
Rifle-1, SMG-1, Blade-1, Forward Observer-1, Mechanical-2, Tactics-1
Low Psg

Rodney Calastine
7C78A3 Age 26 2 Terms (Service: Navy, Final Rank: Lieutenant)
Medical-1, Engineering-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-2

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