The Sword Announce A Mini-Tour For The Summer

Hey folks. In keeping with my voluntary role as nerdblog PR flak for The Sword, I thought I should note that they’ve just announced a mini-tour for the summer. The dates are:

June 17 – Houston – Fitzgerald’s (w/ Red Fang & Honky)
June 18 – New Orleans – House of Blues (w/ Red Fang & Honky)
June 19 – Atlanta – The Masquerade (w/ Red Fang & Kyng)
June 20 – Raleigh – King’s Barcade (w/ Red Fang & Kyng)
June 21 – Baltimore – Sonar (w/ Red Fang & Kyng)
June 22 – West Chester, PA – The Note (w/ Red Fang & Kyng)
June 23 – Atlantic City – Orion Festival

So if you happen to live in one of those lucky cities and want to get your face rocked off with some serious metal that appeals to the geek crowd, keep your eyes open for ticket sales to begin.

And just to tempt you a bit more, here’s the teaser for their newly-released single, Hammer of Heaven

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2 thoughts on “The Sword Announce A Mini-Tour For The Summer

  1. Maxwell Luther

    The title brings to mind a story by Arthur C. Clarke called ‘The Hammer of God’ in which a doomsday asteroid was parked in orbit around the earth with a mechanism to bring it down as the ultimate deterrent against revolution.

    That aside, NO DFW VISIT! That most definitely does not rock. I am extremely curious about the thematic thrust of the album and how the new drummer is compared to Trivett Wingo (a man with a name that was made for Heavy Metal).

    ROCK ON (to DFW)!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I haven’t read that particular Clarke story, Maxwell, but it sounds like a classic. Ah, the days when sci fi wasn’t just about, um, whatever sci fi is about these days 🙂

      Yeah, I was quite saddened when I saw DFW wasn’t on the list for the mini tour specifically because I was hoping you might get a chance to see them. But they’ll wind up playing your neck of the woods eventually. Hopefully at a time when your schedule would allow you to check ’em out.

      I wish I had some intel on the upcoming album, but I don’t. The handful of new tracks they played when I caught them back in April were tasty, but I couldn’t really decipher most of the lyrics. I felt like they were leaning SF rather than fantasy, but I can’t say for sure. Whatever they do, I’m confident I’ll dig it.

      Speaking of the show I caught, the new drummer (Santiago “Jimmy” Vela III) was quite good. I have high hopes that he can deliver epic skin bashing that is at least the equal of Mr. Wingo’s work.

      Rock on indeed!

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