The Sea Devil’s Debutante (A BoL Adventure)

A Sea Devil

© Floyd Thompson, III.

Howdy folks! Our good friend G-Man, the author of the wildly popular dark fantasy Barbarians of Lemuria adventure The Unholy Greyl (19333 downloads ) has done it again! This time he takes us into the very depths of decadence and depravity with…

The Sea Devil's Debutante (16748 downloads )

The reclusive Strangtham clan is throwing a grand celebration in honor of young Clarisse Strangtham, who has announced her eligibility to wed. Many sordid things are whispered about the family… yet many of the local gentry are planning to attend the party, despite the family’s reputation. Is it because the Strangthams are known to possess a seemingly endless hoard of gold jewelry? Or just because Clarisse Strangtham is rumored to be an exotic beauty? Join the party and find out just what those creepy and opulent Strangthams are up to this time!

G-Man not only provides a delightfully dark adventure this time, but two appendices chock full of unique items and spells to make your BoL game even more deadly. All this for exactly zero dollars? Great Dagon, people! Why haven’t you downloaded it already?

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0 thoughts on “The Sea Devil’s Debutante (A BoL Adventure)

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      The G-Man has skills, for sure. I’m glad he’s sharing them with us.

      “Dripping with dark flavour.” Nicely done, sir.

  1. Goblinkin

    I think the eel-headed Esterlus was my favourite character – I can imagine him staggering around the party reeking of kelp.

    What’s the deal with the fake Clarisse? is she in league with the family or being held against her will? I can see a muscle-bound barbarian carrying her off.
    Something fishy about this whole adventure, though…

    1. G-Man

      Esterlus was meant as a sympathetic character. Basically a nice guy, born into the wrong family.

      The faux Clarisse is a Strangtham, but a lesser cousin. She may or may not be a hybrid. She’s very much in league with what’s going on, however (unless you want to make her an innocent–that would have some possibilities).

      Thanks for checking out the PDF, Gobbo!

      1. the venomous pao Post author

        Y’know, I actually meant to ask that very same question when I was giving the drafts a read. I love the idea of her getting rescued (or, perhaps, “rescued” if she’s not innocent) by the characters in the course of the adventure. It seems in genre in the former case and delightfully genre-tweaking in the latter. Either way, I’d definitely try – at least subtly – to encourage my players to “help” the poor lass, since she’s obviously too beautiful to be of these sea devil swine. 🙂

        All that said, I’m actually quite glad it never gets specified in the adventure itself, G-Man. That way it’s nice and open for each GM to handle as fits his or her game.

        1. G-Man

          I like the “customizable” approach to adventures. As flexible as possible.

          And it’s definitely in the “Leiberesque” genre of S&S for the beautiful woman to be not-so-innocent (and/or in-on-the-scam) and get “rescued” anyway, as a consolation prize for the hero(s).

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      No doubt. G-Man really rocked on all three of his modules. I’m proud to host ’em and glad you enjoyed this one amigo!