Mixing My Nerdliness (Fantasy Baseball)

I don’t normally cross-pollinate my different little nerd worlds, but tough times call for tough actions 🙂 I am the commissioner of a fairly detailed fantasy baseball league and I’ve got one (maybe two) teams that are in need of GMs for the upcoming season.

Now, just so you know, this ain’t yer daddy’s draft-n-watch kind of fantasy baseball. It’s fairly complex and immersive, complete with setting bating orders and pitching rotations and bullpens as well as having backups at each position. Every team has a $10M “cash” budget and a pool of 40 contract years to sign a full 25-man roster (plus up to 15 more players in the “minors”) during the Free Agent Blitz, which starts next Wednesday morning at 10:00 CDT and runs through the following Monday afternoon. You don’t have to be wired and glued through the whole thing, but to do it right definitely takes time and interest. I tell you all this not to scare anyone away, but it’s definitely the kind of stuff you’d need to know before jumping in.

It’s a 10 team league and 8 owners have been consistent and active for the past five years, which means I’m really looking for folks who are inclined to dig in and stick around (though there’d be no hard feelings if you try it and find it not to your liking, of course). There’s no prize money or anything – this is about playing the game, not gaming for money. That matters to some folks, but not to this crowd. If you win the league, your reward is bragging rights and pride (and the awe and envy of your fellow players). Just be warned that I myself have won the league every other year and it’s my turn again 🙂

So with that all out of the way, if any of you fine folks out there are big time seamheads and are interested in diving into the madness, let me know in the comments. I can tell you more about things away from the blog.

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