The Demons Of Adad Untash: Muaamta

Far beyond the great desert, one will find the troubled land of Umaab. The people of this once proud kingdom are oft beset by demons who serve the dark god Nergal. The characteristics of these demons are described in the holy Tablets of Adad Untash.

As the skeletal jaws closed around her throat, Nara Mudhul’s body went limp and lifeless. The blackness that engulfed her consciousness whispered dark and terrible words to her, coxing her to join the war against her people. Though she no longer felt the pain of the hideous hound’s raking claws and razor-sharp teeth, her soul burned with an agony she never feared possible. And slowly the darkness continued to offer its vile offer of nightmarish power and release.

Seeing his beloved fall to the beast, Bar-Ganin felt the rage of the desert storms well within him. He tossed aside the holy mace he had been given by the high priest of Marduk before he, the Champion of Dnaniri, and the sorceress had departed for the other world and drew the one weapon he knew he could count on: his grandmother’s ancient iron sword. In the same instant that curved blade leapt into his hands from its enchanted scabbard, Bar-Ganin could only stare as the demon warped and shuddered, reconfiguring itself into a disgusting new form.

Now before him loomed a giant, armed with massive, torturous weapons that glinted evilly off the large multi-faceted eyes that looked down upon him. The tumors that swelled and swarmed across its grey and black skin blasted his mind with their soul-rending resemblance to the face of Nara Mudhul.

“Yes,” the thing’s brush-dry voice spoke, “Your mate is mine now. But fear not, pathetic worm. She is coming to rejoin this battle shortly.”

Casting a glance at the creature’s feet, Bar-Ganin saw with horror that Nara Mudhul’s body was beginning to make its own terrifying transformation…

Muaamta (Higher Order Demon)
No. Enc.: 1d3 (1d3)
Alignment: Chaotic (evil)
Movement: 150’ (50’) or 90’ (30’)
Armor Class: -3
Hit Dice: 12
Attacks: 3 (2 claws, 1 bite) or 2 (weapons)
Damage: 3d8/3d8/3d10, level drain or 2d12/2d12, poison
Save: F12
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: XXII
XP: 7,600

Muaamta possess two distinct forms: the first is of a large, skull-headed coal-black hound with burning red eyes and fur that teems with maggots and worms; the second is of a 12’ tall humanoid with a spider’s head, the tail of a viper, and necrotic flesh that undulates with tumors that resemble screaming, agonized human faces. Both forms reek of dead owls. Any individual Muaamta may switch between forms only after successfully killing an intelligent creature in combat. This transformation is nearly instantaneous and does not leave the Muaamta vulnerable in any way.

In hound form, Muaamta attack with powerful claws and terrible bites. Any opponent struck by a Muaamta in hound form will lose 1 level (and the associated hit points, abilities, spell levels, etc.) unless they successfully save against Death at -10. A character drained of all of his levels rises 1d6 rounds later as a Tummahu Anang Gar or an Agara Muun, whichever is more appropriate based upon the dictates of the Tablets of Adad Untash. If neither form is deserved, the character will take the form of whichever demon is closest to the slain character’s original level.

In humanoid form Muaamta attack with giant multi-headed flails and cat o’ nine tail whips. Both of these weapons deliver a vicious poison that causes an additional 1d8 damage per round until a successful save is made. Further, those afflicted with this poison suffer a -5 to hit and a corresponding penalty to their armor class due to the intense burning pain that the poison causes.

In addition to these attacks, Muaamta have the following spell-like abilities, useable at will: Animate Objects, Animate Dead, Charm (Monster, Person, or Plant), Death Spell, Fear, Gaseous Form, Hypnotize, Magic Missile, Polymorph Self, Sleep, Speak with Animals, Speak with Dead, Suggestion

Additionally, Muaamta possess all of the abilities of a typical Higher Order Demon:

  • Infravision (90’)
  • Half damage from cold-based attacks
  • Half damage from electrical-based attacks
  • Half damage from fire-based attacks (all)
  • Half damage from gas-type attacks
  • Telepathy (allows all languages to be understood)
  • Teleport without error

Muaamta can only be damaged by +2 or better weapons, though they are susceptible to damage from non-magical weapons made of pure iron. Muaamta may Gate (10% probability of success) 2d6 Tummahu Anang Gar (25%) or 1d4 Agara Muun (75%).

Muaamta are occasionally found in graveyards, gloating over the tombs of their victims. More often, though, they are encountered when sent forth by the demon lords of Umaab.

The Tablets of Adad Untash tell the faithful that Muaamta are the souls of those who committed murder, whether in cold blood or motivated by passion, of their own free will.

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  1. Goblinkin

    Woo Woo! a return to The Tablets of Adad Untash. Most good.
    Any chance we’re going to see some solid info about the lands of Dnaniri anytime soon?
    How about an overview of the kingdom, it’s rulers, the lands itself and it’s enemies?

    I like the looks of the new setting as well!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Hey hey, good friend Gobbo! I’m glad, as always, you appreciate my work on the Tablets!

      I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the setting and such at this point. There’s definitely a draw to provide more fleshed-out info on it. And, on paper at least, I still have six Demon Lords to detail. Unfortunately at the moment I’m kinda sick of the whole thing, hence the move to the next setting. Still, who knows what boredom and whiskey will drive me to produce? 🙂