Shameless eBay Auction Plug: Battledroids!

BattledroidsHowdy, everyone. It occurred to me this morning that some of y’all might be interested in (or know someone who would be) this eBay auction I’ve got up for a very cherry copy of the original Battledroids boxed set.

If you’re not familiar with Battledroids, it’s the original version of Battletech, that Macross-esque miniatures wargame that FASA used to produce back in the olden days. When they first released the game it was indeed called “Battledroids” but then a certain purveyor of science fiction films got all chippy with them over the use of the word “droid” and forced them to change the name to Battletech. So this is something of a rarity.

If you’re one of the StrangeStonesHeads and you wind up winning this auction, let me know. It would please me to know this set was going to a good home.

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8 thoughts on “Shameless eBay Auction Plug: Battledroids!

  1. Goblinkin

    Oh dear Battledroids. I’ll admit ive never played it but I’ve been a player and reader of Battletech for close to 20 years now.
    In fact I am still playing the occasional Battletech game or knocking over a session of the Mechwarrior Clicky-Tech spinoff.
    In fact looking across the coffee there’s three Battletech novels just asking for a 30th re-read…

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I actually never really got into Battletech all that much. When I was a kid and working at a comic book/game shop we carried the Macross models and I built a bunch of those, which in turn lead to picking up Battledroids when it was released. But it never really stuck with me. Still, I find the idea of giant fighting robots to be generally quite awesome, so the clicky game intrigues me. But it came out after I had cured myself of the plastic crack addiction and I couldn’t let myself backslide 🙂

  2. Maxwell Luther

    Oh, brother, I wish I wasn’t a poor grad student right now! I remember wanting that game so badly, but not being able to get into it until after they changed the name and removed the plastic models a year or so later. Someone is going to be a lucky bidder…

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Bummer that it’s not a possibility for you, amigo! I do hope it finds its way to a good & appreciative home (as opposed to someone who’s just going to resell it). Perhaps someday, though, the geek gods will smile upon you and you’ll wind up with a copy!

      As I mentioned above, I never really got into the game all that much. But I definitely remember being bummed when they had to change the name. Come to think of it, that might have been the first time I got fist-shaking mad at his imperial majesty 🙂

      1. Maxwell Luther

        Oh, no worries. I could never afford to complete the ‘nostalgia’ collection of 70’s and 80’s games I want unless I managed to win the lottery.

        Speaking of Battledriods/tech, I think I actually have a good shot of getting not only BotA, but BoL and BoHM done in Gameslate format before the Fall. We’re cleaning up the BotA Player Suite for iPad right now (looking for a February release), I’m actually doing the BoL Gameslate as a project this semester with a programming PhD student I work with (should have it finished by April), and we’re planning to do BoHM as a Summer Independent Study project. The last two will be system agnostic.

        So it’s all finally coming together…

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          Yeah, rounding up all of the stuff I ever watned would be cost (and, frankly, space) prohibitive, too.

          Awesome news about the Gameslate developments, ML. Can’t wait for these to make their debuts! Is there any thought of producing them for tablets other than the iPad? You might have mentioned such things and I’ve just forgotten them, but I have the distinct feeling this project is iOS-only. And that certainly makes sense given its dominance of the market. But I’d still love to see these rolled out for Android and (on a strictly personal level, since I managed to snag a Touchpad back during the firesale) webOS as well. Just curious.

          I love it when a plan comes together. Now, where’s my damn cigar? 🙂

          1. Maxwell Luther

            It was never intended to be strictly iOS. The BotA app only ended up that way because it was the first prototype, designed in a period when the potential for cross platform design was limited. That’s why I’ve been championing the web standards, system agnostic approach for over a year now (and a lot of other people are joining me) and that’s how all the other projects will be designed. Here’s the first design diary for the BoL Gameslate, by the way…


          2. the venomous pao Post author

            Groovy news that the later Gameslates will be more system agnostic! I’m definitely looking forward to these seeing the light of day, amigo.

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