Nogoloth: The Decanter Of Black Rain

Wherein your humble scribe presents an artifact that he whipped up for his sadly dormant Lovecraftian Fantasy setting, Nogoloth. Though written with Barbarians of Lemuria in mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to convert this blasphemous creation for use in your game system of choice. Let me know if you do. I’d love to see how you implement it.

Deep within the disused storage area of the Library of Forbidden Wisdom at Great University in Khaarm one might find a small chest – made of well-oiled, darkly-stained wood and appointed with silver and unknown, faintly luminescent gemstones – the lock of which has been sealed with the blood-red wax emblem of the High Academic himself, inscribed in which is a sigil of dire warning. Within this ominous casket one will find a simple copper decanter, unadorned save for the indecipherable mark of its original creator. If any in Khaarm know of this relic’s existence, they steadfastly deny all such knowledge if interviewed. I know, for I spoke to them all. Only the half-mad caretaker of the 3rd basement would even admit to the possibility of such an item’s presence within the archives. Yet I know it to be there, for I have seen it in my dreams.

In my dreams I have caressed the sturdy wood of this container, and I have thrilled at the impossible to describe feel of it. Somehow it is both soothingly warm and tantalizingly cool to the touch, as though it were recently unearthed from both desert and tundra simultaneously.

The first night I dreamt of the box I woke with a start just after my fingers traced its lines, aware of a powerful yet instantly forgotten phrase that had just fled my consciousness.

On subsequent nights my dream lasted longer, and growing ever bolder in the dream I reached a point where I sliced the seal and opened the container, revealing the decanter within. Last night, as I slept, my dreamform sipped directly from the copper vessel, which was full despite not having been filled by human hands. When I awoke this morning, I felt a thirst I have never felt before. I had a taste for a draught that does not exist in the world of men. So powerful is this longing, this desire, this lust, that tonight I will abandon my dreams and make my way to the Library to rescue that which is rightfully mine from the depths of its imprisonment by the fools who call themselves seekers of wisdom.

It shall be mine again.

The Decanter Of Black Rain

The Decanter Of Black Rain pours forth pure void essence, which when consumed by sentient creatures grants them 2 Arcane Power (as the Power of the Void boon) but also reduces their Lifeblood by 1 point. After the bonus AP are used, the drinker’s maximum AP is reduced permanently by 1 point. Only by drinking from the Decanter again can the user of the Decanter elevate his AP back to its original (+2) value. This process continues, with Lifeblood and Arcane Powers continuing to diminish as outlined above as the Decanter continues to be used. Once an individual’s LB or AP have been reduced to zero by use of the Decanter he will be drawn into the Decanter itself, where his consciousness will merge with the void.

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4 thoughts on “Nogoloth: The Decanter Of Black Rain

  1. G-Man

    Ah, Nogoloth. I’m practically addicted to it . . .

    And speaking of addictions, this is a hell of a little item. I like artifacts like this that have whole plotlines built into them. I also like how unscrupulous, power-hungry PCs could fall right into the decanter’s curse if they’re not careful.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Funny you should use the word “addicted” there, amigo. As I was working on this one I realized that writing for Nogoloth specifically is somehow intoxicating. I wonder what’s at work here… (cue “oooooEEEEEEooooo” type theremin sounds)

      I’m glad you dig the decanter, my man. I had a very specific character in mind to torment with it – precisely the kind of power-hungry, amoral soul you’re thinking of. Fortunately, the player of said character would all but certainly be on board for the whole ride down, too.

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