In Praise Of The Obscure

OSR BLOGHOP BANNERThe Savage Afterword is putting together a little blogosphere event called “Obsolete Simulations Roundup” (yeah, that’s OSR). Here’s the gist:

I’d like to gather up as many RPG bloggers as possible who would like to trumpet the praises of their favorite, forgotten, classic RPGs. Any RPG can be picked from any year of any genre, but it should be an RPG that no one seems to remember or appreciate…except for you. And, on December 29, show your support and appreciation for your orphaned RPG by telling us all about it. Why is it special, what makes it fun, and why should folks start searching for their own copies of this classic? And, if you’re so inclined, offer up some supplemental material for it. Tell us of your house rules, or create a new creature. Describe a scenario for it, or flesh out an NPC. Give your game the attention it merits on that day!

So if you’re interested in doing such a thing, bop on over to The Savage Afterworld and read the rest of the post. Barring conflict, confusion, or calamity I’ll be posting a little something that day myself.

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3 thoughts on “In Praise Of The Obscure

  1. claytonian

    Unfortunately, all the roundup links go to blogs, rather than the posts they were supposed to go to. Gonna be useless in a month or so.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Thanks for the heads up on that, amigo. I’ll see if I can’t gather all of the relevant posts’ direct links and stick ’em in my own post so that uselessness can be somewhat avoided. Cheers!

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