Fifteen Games…

All the cool kids are doing it, so I guess I’ll navel-gaze for fun & profit, too…

Here are fifteen games that will always have an impact on me (that I can come up with in under fifteen minutes)…

  1. D&D (specifically Moldvay/Cook/Marsh B/X and Gary’s AD&D)
  2. The Fantasy Trip (including Melee & Wizard, of course)
  3. Traveller
  4. Champions/Justice, Inc./Fantasy Hero (i.e., the early, pre-unified Hero System games)
  5. Illuminati
  6. Talisman
  7. Poker (5 card draw & 7 card stud, none of this Hold ‘Em stuff, thank you)
  8. Spades & Hearts
  9. SunDog (old Apple ][ game)
  10. Quarters (no, really)
  11. Magic: The Gathering (sigh, really)
  12. Big Eyes, Small Mouth
  13. Basic RolePlaying
  14. Barbarians of Lemuria
  15. Out Of The Park Baseball (computer game)

I’m sure there are more, and I’m sure I’m cheating by lumping a few things together up there. Oh well.

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