A Dangerous Foe: Chalchiquahchimal

Somewhere in the world lies the lost valley of Tlactoztlan. The strange natives of this hidden place practice human sacrifice, pray to bizarre gods, adorn themselves with brightly-colored feathers, and – it is rumored – live in cities made of gold. Only the bravest and luckiest adventurers find their way to Tlactoztlan!

A respected general in the army of King Cuhuitlazcaltiacapan, Chalchiquahchimal serves with pride and honor, bringing great glory to Tlactoztlan. As commander of an elite cadre of Eagle Knights, Chalchiquahchimal drives his men to their limits of endurance, leading by example and fearing no foe. Honored with the Jade Eagle Shield by the King for his efforts against an invading outlander army, Chalchiquahchimal is, outwardly, the model of of a perfect soldier. But looks can be deceiving…

During that great conflict Chalchiquahchimal came into possession of a number of outlander texts, which he deciphered with the help of a prisoner he (mostly) spared from torture. These writings opened the general’s eyes to different visions of the world and through them he came to view the ruling class with disdain. In short order Chalchiquahchimal began to develop a vision for Tlactoztlan wherein the warrior caste, lead by his own hand, would rise up and take control of the country, enforcing order and discipline on the decadent people of the lost valley and, eventually, traveling forth to conquer the outlanders themselves. Though he keeps his contempt in check, Chalchiquahchimal becomes bolder and more open in his attempts to wrestle power from the King with each passing season.

Like all Coztli (the warriors of Tlactoztlan), Chalchiquahchimal wears a headdress comprised of yellow parrot feathers, with his own right-of-passage blood red Quetzalcoatl feather at the center.

Lifeblood 15
Villain Points 5

Strength 3
Agility 2
Mind 1
Appeal 2

Brawl 2
Melee 3
Ranged 0
Defense 2

Warrior 3
Soldier 3
Torturer 1
Scholar 1

Strength Feat
Keen Eyesight

Distrust of Sorcery

Tlacuatl, Outlander

Macuahuitl (obsidian-toothed wooden sword), 1d6+4 (-1 to hit)
Fist, 1d2+3
Ichcahuipilli (quilted cotton armor) & Jade Eagle Shield, d6

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    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Yep, this guy seemed like the perfect segue into the warrior clans of the setting. Expect more on the Eagles, Jaguars and even our good friends the Cuachicqueh soon.

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