Echo Chamber Newsflash: Cryptworld Cometh

CryptworldWell, well, well. It’s finally happened. Ol’ Dan Proctor from Goblinoid Games has taken that Pacesetter System he bought the rights to and put together something to replace Chill (which he couldn’t buy the rights to, because someone else has them, and isn’t doing anything useful with them).

Here’s the main part of the blog post/press release:

CRYPTWORLD is a Pacesetter System horror game in which you play an investigator of the unexplained. Any kind of horror is possible, from hunting classic monsters to fighting the secret manipulations of interdimensional aliens, and much more! Be an independent hunter of the horrors in the world, or be a member of one of the several organizations provided, each with different motivations.

CRYPTWORLD covers much of the same ground as CHILL, but CRYPTWORLD goes well beyond it and handles many more subgenres of horror. It is a more complete presentation of horror rules, game advice, and creatures from different horror subgenres so that you can play any kind of horror game you prefer. Your characters can be members of one of the several example organizations that investigate the unexplained, rather than be limited to only one organization (i.e. S.A.V.E.). This also means that there is no specific assumed game setting.

Coming late September!

So bring on late September already! That should give me plenty of time to snag Cryptworld, digest all the good new stuff, and maybe even convince some folks to give it a go for a Halloween game.

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4 thoughts on “Echo Chamber Newsflash: Cryptworld Cometh

  1. G-Man

    Ah, the memories. I ran a couple CHILL adventures back in the day. For some reason they always ended up more funny than scary, but I understand that’s how a lot of horror RPG’s work out in actual play.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I think I’ve mentioned that I owned, but never ran, Chill in olden times. I definitely understand what you mean about things devolving into comedy, though. I’m pretty sure that at least some subset of the people I play with these days could pull off a serious game, but if I do manage to run something, I think I’ll leave my expectations at the crypt door, just to be safe.

      1. G-Man

        Always a good strategy. We had a lot of fun, anyways. Ran the Meso-American adventure (werejaguars!), plus the mini-adventure that came with the rulebook.

        Side note: just got back from downing Widmer’s on tap with my father-in-law, so I apologize if this comment is less than coherent.

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