Clark Ashton Smith

Found while trolling various other geekblogs (thanks, Bite The Bulette): a bunch of Clark Ashton Smith stories online. I’ve never read any CAS myself, so I’m sticking this here so I do actually read some.

I’m digging my way through a bunch of Lovecraft right now, and I’ve got Hawkmoon on deck. Plus there’s still all the Elric books after Stealer of Souls to get through. And I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually finished all of the Conan stories in the recent reprints. Oh, and let’s not forget the Kull and Solomon Kane reprints, too.

But hey, these are online, so maybe I’ll sneak them in over lunch or something. Anyway, enjoy them as you can and I’ll do the same.

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0 thoughts on “Clark Ashton Smith

  1. bat

    I am a big Clark Ashton Smith fan. If you read through some of those you may see a few nods to CAS in my blog, from Zothique to Hyperborea to Poseidonis, I really like those three cycles.

    If you get a chance to catch some Dunsany, you will see some of my other influences, with a pinch of Glen Cook and maybe a dash of Tolkien thrown in.

    There is a really good audio play on the Eldritch Dark for the Master of the Crabs, a Zothique short story, produced by a professional radio group, that is really a fun listen.

  2. the venomous pao

    CAS always just managed to fall through the cracks for me. But with the online things, I may finally get to sink my teeth into his work. Zothique is definitely what interests me most, so I’ll be sure to check out that radio production (since I’m a sucker for radio stuff, too).

    I definitely need to hit the Dunsany as well, if for no other reason than to observe his influence on HPL. And you, of course 🙂