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SWN Revised: Fighting For Workers Rights

Wherein your humble scribe presents a quartet of randomly generated characters for Stars Without Number Revised as he awaits his copy of the Kickstarted hardback, which has shipped and should be here any day now.

These folks were built using SWN(R)’s Quick Character Creation option (p.26) and are thus representative of starting characters in this edition.

On the more industrialized worlds of the Alceris Sector, the Iron Federation struggles to defend workers’ rights and protections. It’s not an easy task — the corporations have money, power, and, all too often, muscle on their side. So the approaches vary, as do the people who fight for the principles of Worker Dignity.

A lucky escapee from the primitive world of Qabis, Nazir has managed to scrape together a small fortune in credits by serving as hired muscle for the Clenched Fists wing of the Iron Federation. Sometimes to protect the rights of the workers you have to lean on management just a little. And leaning is definitely Nazir’s biggest strength.

Nazir (Qabis) / Barbarian / Warrior 1 / Cr 500
HP 8 / AC 14 / AB +1 / P 14 E 15 M 15
STR 14 DEX 9 CON 12 INT 11 WIS 9 CHA 7
Skills: Survive-0, Notice-0, Stab-1, Punch-0, Heal-0
Languages: Arabic, Trade Common
Focus: Savage Fray-1, Shocking Assault-1
Equipment: Spear (1d6+1),Primitive hide armor, Primitive shield, Knife (1d4) Backpack (TL0), 7 days rations, 20m rope

Mira Mahajan
Mira saw the struggles of industrial servitude firsthand on Iorna, where her parents both perished in the mines while trying to pay off their company debts. So when the Iron Federation took her in and saved her from the worst the camps had to offer, she dedicated herself to their mission, by any means necessary. That vow made her a perfect candidate for the Silent Blades wing.

Mira Mahajan (Iorna) / Vagabond / Warrior 1 / Cr 100
HP 6 / AC 13 / AB +1 / P 15 E 15 M 14
STR 7 DEX 10 CON 9 INT 11 WIS 12 CHA 14
Skills: Notice-0, Sneak-1, Survive-0, Lead-0, Shoot-0
Languages: Hindi, Trade Common
Focus: Gunslinger-1, Authority-1
Equipment: Laser Pistol (1d6), Armored Undersuit, Monoblade Knife (1d6), 8 type A Cells, Backpack (TL0), Compad

Ricardo Gavilan
A smooth-talking con man from one of the orbital habitats above Gherenberg, Ricardo has recently taken a shine to working with the Iron Federation’s Smiling Eyes wing. There’s nothing like advancing the workers’ cause with a little friendly persuasion, after all.

Ricardo Gavilan (Gherenberg) / Spacer / Expert 1 / Cr 25
HP 2 / AC 13 / AB +0 / P 15 E 15 M 14
STR 7 DEX 9 CON 10 INT 12 WIS 11 CHA 14
Skills: Fix-0, Pilot-0, Program-0, Talk-1, Shoot-0
Languages: Spanish, Trade Common, Arabic, Hindi, English
Focus: Diplomat-1, Specialist/Talk-1
Equipment: Laser Pistol (1d6), Armored Undersuit, Monoblade knife (1d6), Climbing harness, Low-light goggles, 2 type A cells, Backpack (TL0), Compad, Metatool

Julia Lloyd-Davies
Julia slaved for several years as a company member at Bhatanagar Enterprises, where she watched in horror as castmate after castmate suffered terrible accidents that were clearly the result of lax safety practices. When her contract was terminated due to the scarring she suffered from the accident that even she couldn’t foresee, she sought out the Iron Federation to set things right once and for all.

Julia Lloyd-Davies (New Victoria) / Entertainer / Psychic 1 / Cr 700
HP 6 / AC 13 / AB +0 / P 15 E 15 M 14 / Effort 4
STR 9 DEX 11 CON 12 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 7
Skills: Perform-0, Talk-0, Connect-0, Telepathy-0, Precognition-1, Know-0
Languages: English, Trade Common, Hindi
Focus: Psychic Training-1
Psychic Techniques: Terminal Reflection (Precognition)
Equipment: Secure Clothing, Compad

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