BoL Bestiary: Stone Goblins

Goblin by Trampier

This is the definitive image of a goblin to me. It’s too bad that outside of this depiction, by Trampier in the AD&D Monster Manual, goblins really never looked like this in any other art.

I really like the fact that this guy looks more like a classical gargoyle in the face than he does some green, pointy-nosed thing. Heck, I can almost imagine him carved out of stone rather than being flesh.

So, in the spirit of running with inspiration wherever it crops up, here’s a quick Barbarians of Lemuria monster writeup based on this crazy idea…

Stone Goblins

Stone Goblins are small (3’ to 4’ tall) ugly humanoids made of living stone. They are frequently found infesting quarries and mines, where it is rumored that the earth itself spawns them in order to drive away those who do not say the appropriate blessings or pay proper respect as they hew into the rock in the name their own profit.

Strength 2
Agility 1
Mind 0

Combat Abilities
Attack with stone mace +2; damage 1d6
Defense: 1
Protection: d6 (stony skin + shields)
Lifeblood: 8

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0 thoughts on “BoL Bestiary: Stone Goblins

  1. Goblinkin

    I think you’re right, I think the gobbos mix in pretty well with BoL – I’ve been thinking of an idea to incorporate Goblin-like creatures to my BoL setting for awhile.
    What always stops me is the idea of mixing too much high fantasy into classic S&S

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I definitely wouldn’t want scads of them running around, no. I think treated as I wrote them up they could fit in just fine so long as they were a one-off encounter (perhaps with a return engagement further down the line). I can imagine Howard writing about a horde of little stone idols attacking a certain mighty thewed barbarian…

      But I definitely wouldn’t want to introduce them as a “race” or civilization.