BoL Bestiary: Chain Demon

A Chain Demon is a 30’+ length of heavy chain that has been inhabited by a malevolent life force from another plane of existence. The chain is animate, and able to form itself into many different shapes, including various humanoid configurations. Chain Demons attack either by striking with a massive chain “fist” at close range or by lashing out with a smaller (and harder to avoid) chain “whip” to a distance of 30′.

Though their very nature as lengths of chain makes Chain Demons hard to dispatch physically, there may be other ways of dealing with Chain Demons. For example, it is rumored that an immobilized Chain Demon can be exorcized of its malevolent spirit by certain kinds of priests.

Strength 5
Agility 1
Mind -1

Combat Abilities
Attack with 1 chain “fist” +2; damage 2d6
Attack with chain “whip” +4; damage 1d6+1
Defense: 3
Protection: 1d6+2 (steely skin)
Lifeblood: 20

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