Berwhale the Avenger

Wherein your humble scribe riffs on an old comedy routine as a way of filling space otherwise left blank because life got a little busy all of a sudden. We will be returning you to your regularly scheduled Tlactoztlan shortly.

Forged by an order of priests dedicated to the eradication of evil magic, this ancient, ornate silver longsword’s name is engraved into its blade in the runes of Ollerman-Goth. It was once wielded by Timothy the Pure, though it was lost upon his death in battle against Pewnack, the Destroyer. It surfaced sometime later in the hoard of the red dragon Furloroth. It has since disappeared again, though rumors abound that it may be found in the dungeons beneath Saffron Walden.

Magic Longsword, +3 to hit, +1 Damage
Alignment: Lawful
Special Purpose: Slay Magic-Users
Intelligence: 12
Ego: 12
Primary Abilities: Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Read Magic
Extraordinary Abilities: Healing
Languages Spoken: Law, Old High Thjardil, Draconic

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