0 thoughts on “The Sword: Night City

  1. Nathaniel

    You know I love the band but… man, they seriously need someone new making their videos. Some of the edits in that thing were bad for first year film students and the effects… well, the less said about those the better.

    But even worse than that is the repetitive ‘modern guys running about stabbing things with Japanese swords’ motif. There is a great story behind that song and it isn’t even touched on unless you count the cardboard tube city which looks less like the city described in ‘Night Side’ and more like the futuristic city of the Bog-roll people.

    I know that the band is going for a 70’s motif, but there is a way to keep that without filming the music video equivalent of ‘Dark Shadows…’

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Yeah, the video leaves a lot to be desired. Actually, the whole trilogy of videos leaves a lot to be desired. And that’s a huge shame, given the great story that the entire album tells. I wish someone would take up the challenge and do a fan-produced video arc that really covers the story. Or at least avoid the “Dark Shadows” junk (good reference there, Nathaniel).

  2. Goblinkin

    I’m finding you’re actually turning me onto The Sword – ended up watching a few of their clips on Youtube and then at last night’s 4th edition session our DM actually cranked out “Freya” as background.
    I’ve always been a massive Sabath fan – so I’m starting to dig the Sword – cheers Pao!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Most excellent new there, amigo. The Sword definitely has their tasty moments (Freya is unquestionably way at the top of that last). If you’re a Sabbath guy, and living where you live, I’ll presume you’re familiar with Wolfmother as well. If by some chance you’re not, though, seek them out. You’ll dig for sure.

      I’m always glad to share the rock & roll with friends!

  3. Goblinkin

    Cough, cough, did you say Wolfmother? A mate of mine was their sorta semi-official photographer not long after they started doing well.
    So I’ve seen a rather lot of them up close and personal. Big fan- although they’ve done horrible things with the line up (the lead singer pretty much sacked everyone else)

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Aha! I knew Oz was a small, interconnected place (for a continent, anyway)! Yeah, I wasn’t entirely pleased when the big lineup change went down, but I did see them in concert with the new group and was very impressed. Still, I wish I’d see them before the big upheaval. They make great damn music that rocks my face off. Glad to know you enjoy ’em, too!