The Homecoming Of Count Inchiostro (A BoL Adventure)

Well howdy there, strangers! I’m back, but at the moment I’m just here to hook you up with the latest BoL adventure from everyone’s favorite BoL adventure smith, G-Man. Like last time, G-Man takes us to Howard’s Hyboria, but this time we’re in Zingara, helping reclaim the Inchiostro family’s estate. But I’ll stop yakking and let you all get to downloading The Homecoming Of Count Inchiostro (10054 downloads )

In addition to the usual adventure-y goodness, G-Man has once again given us all some excellent new spells and some optional rules for a slightly crunchier approach to BoL combat. So really, why are you still reading my words when you should be downloading?

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0 thoughts on “The Homecoming Of Count Inchiostro (A BoL Adventure)

    1. G-Man

      You know, I didn’t even think of the CAS influence–but I’ve sure as hell have been reading a lot of him lately, and I bet it seeped in there.

      Further inspiration came from the song “Conquistador”, by Procol Harum.