The Demons Of Adad Untash: Demon Prince Durruk-eb Bel

Far beyond the great desert, one will find the troubled land of Umaab. The people of this once proud kingdom are oft beset by demons who serve the dark god Nergal. The characteristics of these demons are described in the holy Tablets of Adad Untash.

Durruk-eb Bel (Demon Lord)
No. Enc.: 1 (Unique)
Alignment: Chaotic (evil)
Movement: 120′ (40′)
Armor Class: −2
Hit Dice: 136 hp (22 HD)
Attacks: 1 (weapon)
Damage: 2d6
Save: F22
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: XV, XX
XP: 21,250

Durruk-eb Bel, the Bastard Prince, is the son of Demon Emperor Ashur-eb Asa and his royal concubine Jebel Jebelah, the Queen of Lust. As such, he possesses no firm claim to the throne of the Emperor of the Halls of Dust and Darkness, but a niggling little detail like that is unlikely to hold this ambitious demon back. He plots with his mother – whom he despises, but who is his only influential friend in the upper echelons of power – to lead an uprising of Higher and Standard Order Demons to depose his father and the “legitimate” sons born to the cow called Shalma Shalmallah. Durruk-eb Bel is eager to begin his revolution, but his mother maddens him with her continual cautions to bide his time and wait for the truly opportune moment to strike. In the meantime, the Bastard Prince busies himself with his work tormenting the people of Umaab much the way a bored and sociopathic child tortures ants, flies, and other lesser forms of life.

Though he may take nearly any form, Durruk-eb Bel frequently chooses to appear to the people of Umaab as a humble beggar wearing a tattered red robe and a cracked and chipped crown of clay. He wanders the breadth of Umaab disguised this way at the urgings of his mother, who insists that he will find useful assistance amongst the pathetic creatures who dwell there. The Bastard Prince favors this form even when traversing the Halls of Dust and Darkness – though he will rise up to his true height of 13′ in that hateful realm, as a way of maintaining close to even footing with his relatives.

Durruk-eb Bel wields a copper-bladed axe that carries with it the sting of all of the scorpions of the desert. Anyone wounded by this dread weapon must save vs. Poison at −8 or die instantly.

Durruk-eb Bel has the following spell-like abilities, useable at will (unless noted otherwise): Animate Dead, Animate Objects, Blink, Cause Fear, Charm Person, Create Food & Water, Darkness (5′ Radius), Detect Magic, Fly (240′ per round), Gaseous Form, Haste (2/day), Hypnotism, Magic Jar (2/Day), Power Word: Kill (1/day), Project Image, Snake Charm, Speak with Dead, Sticks to Snakes, Telekinesis (800 pounds), Time Stop

Additionally, Durruk-eb Bel possesses all of the abilities of a typical Demon Lord:

  • Infravision (90’)
  • Half damage from cold-based attacks
  • Half damage from electrical-based attacks
  • Half damage from fire-based attacks (all)
  • Half damage from gas-type attacks
  • Telepathy (allows all languages to be understood)
  • Teleport without error

Durruk-eb Bel can only be damaged by +2 or better weapons, though he is susceptible to damage from non-magical weapons made of pure iron. He may Gate (66% probability of success) 3d6 [link id=’206′ text=’Tummahu Anang Gar’].

The Tablets of Adad Untash tell the faithful that Durruk-eb Bel is a rash and foolish demon who will gamble nearly anything on the outcome of a sporting event or other game of chance.

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  1. G-Man

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